Fun Nintendo DS Games for Everyone

Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo has been able to reach a lot of gamers through their handheld consoles, and with a lot of DS games available for these units, people have a wide choice of games to play and pass their time on.  Nintendo is a company that caters to a wide-set of audience, specializing on creating games and content that is suitable for people of all ages.

The Nintendo DS has been a popular handheld gaming console ever since it was released in 2004.  The device has two screens (double screens), and is opened up like a clamshell device.

The topmost screen is displayed in LCD, while the lower screen is touch screen and players can control the game by using the touch features of the screen.  Many DS games have become popular because of the touch feature of the device and have been a great hit with the younger audience.

There are many different DS games to suit a gamer of any profile.  If you are into adventure titles, there are many role-playing games that have come out in this system.  Popular game franchises such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and the like have released titles for the DS.

For hardcore gamers, there are also shooter games as well as fighting games that has been released in this console like Call of Duty and Street Fighter.  For girls, there are games like Cooking Mama that can somehow teach them how to prepare food and cook them by following the instructions and prompts of the lead character, Mama.

There are also lots of titles that can attract pet lovers and kids.  Nintendogs is a popular franchise that allows players to take care of a certain kind of dog.  It also teaches them how to groom a dog and how to properly take care of it.  There have also been games for other types of pets such as Catz, Horsez, and others.

For people who are into puzzle games, there are also crossword puzzle games, Sudoku and other brain-training games that can be played daily to ‘delay’ mental aging.  Even for people who are into fitness, there are yoga games that a person can follow to do daily yoga exercises daily!  The wide variety of content in the Nintendo DS makes it a console for anyone who wants to pass away some time and have fun.  There are DS games for any type of person that want to play a certain type of game, as thousands have been made by different game developers and publishers worldwide.

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