Have Fun with Adult Board Games!

If you are bored with charades and Monopoly every party season or at Christmas when someone who more than likely has had too much to drink and suggests playing a board game, then fear not! There some outrageous and really funny games in the shops right now that don’t have to be down and filthy (although I did spot a few of those as well!) that the over 18’s can enjoy without feeling they are back at school and studying for a history test! Whether you like interactive game play or drink yourself under the table kinda fun, check out what we have found for you and be prepared to stay up all night!

Ring of Fire Board Game – $17.99

This is not just your average drinking game. In Ring of Fire, every player acts as Law Enforcer, Judge and Jury. Even your closest friends will be calling for you to “drink” when they catch you pointing or telling you to “take another one” as you proceed to call them every name under the sun. People you love and trust will penalize you without warning and a seemingly basic counting game will turn into a nightmare before your very eyes! The pressure on your mind (and bladder) will reach an all time high, as you and your friends choose card after card. Everyone loses! How much you lose, is up to you. Buy from www.amazon.com

Loaded Questions – Adult Version – $19.99

Feeling a bit saucy and open about your sex life? This Adult Version Loaded Questions Board Game tests general sex IQ and asks funny personal questions. It will reveal more about your fellow players than you say you want to know. Players advance around the board by rolling the dice, then choosing a question card based on the category they land on. The other players then write down answers to the question, which the previous dice roller reads aloud. The person whose turn it is must then guess who submitted which answer. You might be shamed for life if you play this game with your parents or your kids. Approximate playing time is one hour. Game suitable for three to six players. Buy from www.amazon.com

7 Deadly Sins – $29.95

This game is based on trivia but concentrates on the Seven Deadly Sins. For example: What is the name of Marilyn Monroe’s biography? a) Sexy Lady b) My Story c) Blond Lustbucket. Or: Demonstrate how you would act if you just awoke from a botched sex change operation. 7 Deadly Sins is a delightfully sinful game that tests your knowledge of naughtiness and your willingness to act out silly and outrageous Sins. The Trivia and Sin categories are the 7 Deadly Sins: Vanity, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust. Move around the board by answering trivia questions correctly, and the first team to act out all 7 Deadly Sins wins. Buy from www.boardgames4us.com

Urban Legends – $19.98

If you and your friends are into horror movies and films then this is a game you have to get! Guess which legends are true and which are just a legend and see if you can survive. The exciting strategy game where you must face and survive Urban Legends. Some legends award you when they come true, others hurt you, and some even kill you. Good luck is rewarded with Karma points and the first player with 12 wins! To create a spooky atmosphere turn the lights off and play with candles! Ohh I am scaring myself now! Buy from www.areyougame.co

Dexter™: The Board Game – $34.98

Fans of the hit show Dexter will know that although he works for the police he is in fact a serial killer, but one with a heart who only kills the bad guys. In Dexter™ The Board Game, you are Dexter…you’re on the prowl through the streets of Miami in a dangerous pursuit of a suspect who has eluded justice, but if you play your cards right, he won’t get away from you. Complete your Blood Spatter Reports to avoid suspicion and be wary of opponents who seek to expose you. For 2 – 4 players, ages 17 and up. Buy from www.areyougame.com

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