Full pouting lips are in this season

The right pout for the sexy you!

Lips have been one of the most wonderful parts of a woman’s beauty. If Diamonds are woman’s best friend then lipstick is woman’s soul mate. Your lips say more than you think. Even with Flawless makeup most women look and feel incomplete because of their not-so-perfect lips. Full pouting lips are IN this season.

Mostly women endeavor to have full pouting lips like celebrities Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to name a few. To get full pouting lips one doesn’t have to undergo costly and painful treatments (Injections). You can cheat using various cosmetics that are easily available in market. After all, full pouting lips are the most prominent key element of a woman’s impression. Certain steps are to be followed on a regular basis to keep your lips soft, smooth and conditioned. The basic steps to be followed are:

  • EXFOLIATE: Regular exfoliation removes flakes and nourish lips. Exfoliation gives your lips a clean and soft look. You can always use lip balms which are easily available in market.
  • EDITOR’S TRICK: Take a clean and dry small tooth-brush and then apply a mixture of 50% sugar and 50%honey to remove dry flakes and makes your lips soft.
  • CONDITION YOUR LIPS: Moisturize your lips with balms that are easily available in market like Vaseline, Neutrogena. Try Neutrogena overnight lip treatment with hydrating vitamin E and glycerin. Getting pouted lips without moisturizing them is nearly impossible.

To get that perfect lip pout, you will need a few different tools – lip pencil, lip brush (optional), lipstick color of your choice or lip gloss. If your lips are too thin then decide how much full you would want your lips to look. Be reasonable so that lips look more natural. Use a Lip plumper available at local drug stores. It often creates a tingling sensation and you will notice a difference in your lips fullness. Line your lips with a lip liner. Try with a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color. Draw an outline to lips making sure you get perfect Cupid’s bow. Colors like Bright Red and Pink always give that plump appeal but you can always experiment with colors. Apply a lip shade that is slightly lighter than your lip pencil like Colorbar lip pot in Red or Pink that is quite easily available on online stores like www.paykarcosmetics.com.au. Fill in the space between your actual lip and the line you made. Load the lip brush with the lip shade selected and start applying it from bottom lips to upwards. Try Colorbar Diva lipstick or Revlon velvet touch lipstick which comes in 24 different shades.

Using lip gloss can also give your lips a great look and feel. Dab lip gloss in the center of bottom lips and lightly on Cupid’s bow. This really creates that pouty lips appeal. You can also use a shimmer powder in white available in almost all brands like MAC, Revlon, and L’Oreal.

The top 8 Lipstick brands which are not only great in quality but also affordable are:

MAC: MAC is a worldwide winner. MAC Red gives color plus texture to your lips.

LANCOME: Award winning lipsticks comes from this brand. L’absolu Rouge comes in 28 different shades.

NARS: Nars lipsticks are in pure matte finish, semi matte finish, and satin lipsticks.

NYX: This brand is popular for pinks and peaches. NYX lip shades give a sophisticated sheer finish.

MAKEUP FOREVER: This brand is popular for its Rouge Artist Intense collection.

BOBBI BROWN/REVLON: These brands are popular for their creamy formula and gives instant polish and full coverage.

L’OREAL: L’OREAL ‘made for me’ collection is a huge hit. This brand gives creamy texture and smooth finish.

COLOR BAR: Color bar velvet matte lipstick has 45shades.

Few precautions to be taken for pouted lips:

  • Use the right lip liner technique.
  • Avoid sun and protect your lips from harmful UV rays. Lip balms with SPF10 or SPF15 to be used like Lancôme’s L’absolu Rouge La base.
  • Avoid smoking to protect your lips from damaging.
  • Apply the right shade of lipstick.
  • Treat those ugly lip lines and first signs of ageing.

Now, isn’t it quite easy to ‘pout it right’?

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