The French High Street At Your Door Step

Followers of French fashion may have long wondered how they can get the unique classic look that French women seem to pull off so effortlessly and with such aplomb. And lovers of the French Boudoir style who want to kit out their houses in a true Gallic mode will be pleased to know that there are now catalogues in which you can order genuine French articles, such as lighting, furniture, adults and children’s clothing all made and designed in France. Shop online or request a catalogue, it has never been easier to get that rustic charm into your own home or to wear what the Parisians are wearing and rest assured, all pieces are authentically French. So where do you start?

Dress by LaRedoute

LaRedoute is probably the best known French retailer this side of the English Channel and currently if you spend over £30 you can use their promo code of 5984 to get £10 off. They also have a sale on  of Summer items of upto 60% and 40% on selected shoes. They were also featured on last nights Apprentice on BBC1, as Lord Sugar gave his wannabe business partners exclusive meetings with the buying directors of LaRedoute in an effort to get them to sell a product to them.

Duvet at Laredoute.co.uk

So if Lord Sugar is interested then they must be a winner! Their categories include womens, mens and childrens wear, lingerie, shoes and accessories, homeware and an ‘en plus’ collection of plus sizes for men and women. What we love about LaRedoute is that the clothes are so typically French and not seen over here. Check out this gorgeous multi coloured dress at only £17.50 reduced from £25. and the shoes are amazing. From flats to trainers and leather boots, there is something to suit every taste. In their homeware categories you can find everything from rugs and curtains to linen and duvet covers. We love this bright flower Saxo Print duvet cover which is only £9.10 for any size and £3.99 for delivery. Returns are free by the way and you can order by going to www.laredoute.co.uk

Maternity - Vertbaudet.co.ukCarrier - Vertbaudet.co.uk


Vertbaudet  are a sister company of LaRedoute but specialize in children’s clothing, from newborn to teenage years and have nursery and a maternity section. They also have a school uniform category with cheap trousers, skirts and tops in standard colours. We think this gorgeous dress at £28 could be worn after the baby is born it is so beautiful and it is reduced from £35 and available in sizes 6 to 20.  And we love this  La Poche A Kangourou wrap,perfectly designed to keep your baby gently wrapped against you and allow your hands to be free. At £59 the wrap can be used for newborns to hold them on your hips or tummies, then upto to three years old on your back. Delivery is free when you order over £60 and you can open a credit account with Vertbaudet in which you can pay the minimum on your statement or the full balance. All returns as with LaRedoute are free. As they say in France – Viva La Difference!

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