Freezeframe: New ‘Botox In A Bottle’ Face Cream

With all the face creams out there on the market these days, it can be hard to choose the right one. And which one will prove to be the best in the fight against anti ageing?

Olay’s new Anti Wrinkle Kit was the first cream that promised a ‘botox in a bottle’ effect and was a massive best seller a few months ago, but now they may have a rival.

New Compound ‘Snap 8’

Freezeframe, a new product, has created a serum that says it is the most powerful wrinkle treatment yet. The serum contains a new compound which is proven to stop nerve cells from producing chemicals that prompt the muscles to contract.

The compound, called ‘Snap 8’, is said to be 30% more effective than the ingredient used in other ‘botox in a bottle’ creams – Argeriline.

The Freezeframe cream is due to go on sale in www.boots.com from next week and already more than 14,000 people have put their name down on the waiting list.
Freezeframe: Botox face cream

The freezeframe cream will cost £49 which is around the same price as Olay’s Anti Wrinkle Kit, which retails at £44.99. Testers of the cream found that 100% of women who tried the cream found the appearance of their wrinkles had reduced in a matter of only five minutes.

And not only that, after 28 days, most women saw a 35% reduction of more than 60% in their wrinkles.

How Freezeframe Works

Researchers behind the new innovative Freezeframe cream say that every single time you use Freezeframe, you are preventing the repetitive muscle movement that is causing your wrinkles.

So not only will you look less wrinkly immediately, because you are suspending the micro-creasing of the skin that is causing the wrinkle, you are actually allowing your skin to regenerate – something it is not able to do with the constant onslaught of micro-creasing brought on by the 15,000 facial movements you make every single day.

Relieved of this burden, your body’s natural ability to regenerate your skin kicks in. The combination of this super strength peptide and the instant effect of INHIBOX work synergistically to create what we believe to be the most powerful wrinkle smoothing complex ever seen.

If you want the Freezeframe – The New ‘Botox In A Bottle’ Face Cream then you’d better get your name down on the waiting list at Boots!

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