Freezeframe Instant Lash doubles the length of eyelashes in seconds

Freezeframe Instant LashFor centuries, ladies have used any trick in the book to length their eye lashes, from the traditional mascara, to the more novel eye lash extensions and false eyelashes.

Now, a new product could revolutionise eye make-up forever, as an Australian company claim they have hit upon a formula, that increases your eyelashes by twice the normal length in seconds. Freezeframe Instant Lash is made up by combining a microscopic hairs in a gel solution, that users then brush onto their lashes with a mascara wand. Each coating of the gel deposits more and more of the tiny hairs onto the tips of your own lashes, and thus gives the appearance of longer looking eye lashes.

I guess the effect is akin to the stalagmite and stalactite effect, where drops of mineral rich water, over time, drip more and more tiny deposits until a longer structure is formed.

The makers of Instant Lash Brush on Lash Extensions say that they are not traditional false lashes. They are not a mascara, they are not a primer, and they are not a clumpy, powdery white mess. These brush on extensions are as simple to apply as a mascara – in fact, you even apply them with a mascara wand – but that is where the similarity ends. The Instant Lash is a combination of two unique technologies which creates the most dramatic natural looking lashes you’ve ever seen.Before and After using Freezeframe Instant Lash

The secret? A collection of tiny synthetic hairs, which look like real lashes, are combined in a nourishing, and thickening dark gel base. As you apply INSTANT LASH, the base glides onto your lashes, and deposits the tiny lash extensions to the very tips of your lashes – bonding them there in a safe gentle way.

Apart from holding your lash extensions in place, the base also curls your new lash extensions for a beautiful open eyed look. You then apply a coat of regular mascara to seal in place. This produces a seamless, instant lash extension that lasts all day long – without the need to glue extensions to your lashes.

Before and After using Freezeframe Instant Lash extensions - Before and After

Unlike traditional mascara, Instant Lash is applied to just the tips of lashes, not from the base. And unlike some mascara or lash extensions, Instant Lash can also be used by contact lens’ wearers and is removed like other eye products, with cleanser or soap and water.

Instant Lash has become the number one selling lash product in Australia and there is already a 7,000-strong waiting list for the 10ml bottles when it goes on sale on the British High Street for the first time next month.

Skin care expert, Sonia Amoroso, who developed the £29 formula, is delighted that his product has become an instant hit: “It is my personal passion to make the most cutting edge, scientific breakthroughs in easy to use formulations, at accessible prices. Freezeframe Instant Lash has been a huge hit with customers who say this lash treatment creates visibly instant, longer, luscious lashes in seconds.”img-47-2

One customer, Sylvia Brown, 60, of Nottingham, said she started using Instant Lash because her eye-lashes were getting ‘sparser’ as she got older. She said: “I’m not a fan of fake eyelashes and couldn’t bear the thought of going to a salon for extensions. I read rave reviews about Instant Lash on the Internet and thought I’d buy some. The product is amazing and leaves me looking like I have thicker, longer lashes instantly, I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Another lady who used the product, Jennifer Lynn, 32, from Brighton, added: “Instant Lash is my party must have, no longer do I have to wear fake lashes, I apply and instantly have longer, thicker lashes, it’s amazing.”

Instant Lash goes on sale at Boots in store and online on February 6.

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