Free Your Mane: Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest hair collaboration on GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow always rocks beautiful glossy hair, but her latest beauty collaboration for hair products on her Goop website is not specifically for her hair type. Free Your Mane is a multi-ethnic hair product, designed by Israel Segal, who created the new moisturizing haircare line, after he adopted his two African-American Ziggy and Nola, and couldn’t find any suitable hair products for them.

Free Your Mane

Segal said: “I was feeding my kids organic food but couldn’t find any pure, healthy multi-ethnic hair care that delivered results. Three years of intensive research, development and testing yielded a line that we couldn’t wait to share!”

Twins Ziggy and Nola, courtesy of Israel Segal

Twins Ziggy and Nola, courtesy of Israel Segal

The former fashion stylist Israel Segal and his partner adopted their newborn twins eight years ago, and said that their ‘aha’ moment came when they were shopping in Target, searching for hair products. There was a very small ‘ethnic’ section that included the same products he remembered when he was a child. Disappointed with such a small selection, Segal spent the next three years using the best natural ingredients and came up with the Free Your Mane hair products.

All of Segal’s products include a cocktail of moisturizing natural oils—baobab, argan, sweet almond, and pomegranate seed, and none of them use the harmful sulfates, phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals.

Free Your Mane

Segal has big plans for his hair company, and hope to expand enough to add more products to the ever successful lines already in production. He said: “In two years time I hope that our brand will become a household name that is synonymous with healthy beauty,” he added, “Free Your Mane aspires to be an industry leader who empowers women to wear their hair however they choose and not to succumb to the pressure to always embrace a Euro-centric aesthetic. Natural hair is super versatile, but however you choose to style your hair, Free Your Mane will give you the healthiest and most effective solution to your beauty needs.”

Free Your Mane - Baobab

As well as the shampoo, conditioner and leave in pomade, Segal hopes to manufacture an alcohol free thermal prep, a curl stretch cream and a luxurious body butter.

free your mane products - The Sulfate Free Shampoo, Daily De-tangle Conditioner and Conditioning Glimmer for $67So far there are only four of the Free Your Mane products available on the Goop website. These are the The Sulfate Free Shampoo, Daily De-tangle Conditioner and Conditioning Glimmer for $67. The Free Your Mane Shampoo is sulfate free and incredibly gentle so it won’t strip your hair of your natural oils. The Daily De-tangling Conditioner not only does what its name says but it’s also a great leave-in. And the Hydrating Hair Masque is the ultimate for dry hair, and that’s anyone who thermals their hair often or has any kind of process.

The Glimmer Pomade is exclusively available on goop for a limited period of time and it actually conditions while it holds. The Free Your Mane Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil is a multi-use product. You can press your hair with it to seal it, keep it silky and it will still move. Available for$25.

For more information visit Goop.com or freeyourmane.com

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