Frebreze Launch Their New Limited Edition ‘Fall Collection’

Frebreze are known worldwide for their sumptuous, fresh and delicious odor eliminating scents and every season they bring out a new limited edition, to coincide with the smells we associate with that particular time of the year. For this fall, they have created five different new scents that all remind us of Autumn in one way or another.

From Pumpkin Harvest, Cinnamon Sugar, Spiced Apples, Vanilla Sugar and Falling Leaves, each will evoke different memories, your only problem is whether to choose between a candle, spray, room diffuser or plug-in. Check out our favorites below:

Limited Edition Pumpkin Harvest & Fall.

We tested this scent in the standard Air Effect’s spray can which had a nice fall harvest picture of pumpkins, squash and apples on it. You can easily locate this spray can as it is colored in browns and beiges, typical fall colors.

Full on Harvest Festival is the only way to describe it. Pumpkin Harvest & Fall smells at first like a pumpkin pie with a hint of cinnamon, fresh from the baker’s oven. This scent reminds me of everything that is to do with the Fall; spices, preserves bubbling away and a rich aroma of indoor cooking.

Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugar Home

Imagine walking into someone’s home who has just been cooking cinnamon cookies and has taken them out of the oven to sprinkle them with sugar. Or smell sweet danish pastries from a French Bakery and think of all the spicy and sweet smells wafting through the windows on a crisp Fall morning.

Makes me want to cook croissants with cinnamon sugar or eat doughnuts spiced with sugar. A really warming smell for those chilly fall evenings. Spray sparingly for just the scent or for longer periods and more frequently to eliminate odors.

Limited Edition Apple Spice Delight

Apples cooking in a bath of spices, heating up slowly on top of the stove, whilst you are inside watching the leaves falling from a kitchen window. A gorgeous sweet and spicy blend that stays in your house for hours, if you burn the candle that is and that’s what we tested here.

Burning time took about 30 hours in total and the scent remained strong and delicious throughout. This scent really evokes everything that is Autumn. A bowl full of apples, cored and ready to be made into a pie or crumble, sitting on the sill with cinnamon sugar resting on top of it, and you are rolling out the pastry getting it ready for your children to come home and have it for tea. A lovely homely scent.

All Frebreze products are available from www.walmart.com

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