Four of the Best Spray Tans in a Can

As summer is here and many of us are heading off on our holidays, we will not want to end up on the beach looking like a pale beached whale. So our first stop is probably going to be to the supermarket to get hold of an aerosol can of spray tan but which ones are the best? Which do not leave you smelling like a biscuit and which are streak free? We have put some of the most well known brands on the market to the test and come up with four of the best. Remember though, before applying any kind of spray tan, do the preparation first. Shave your legs before application to avoid any irritation and thoroughly moisturise the night before. Hold the can about 30cm from your legs and spray in stripes until you have covered your entire leg. Use the tan to contour your legs and apply an extra coat to highlight down the front for a slimming effect.

Sally Hansen – Airbrush Legs in Tan Glow – £10.20

This is a great spray for a natural look. It is good for hiding bruises and marks and although it sprays in quite thickly, you can wipe it off easily. You only need a little of this so use it sparingly as it washed off in the shower. Good for touching up an existing tan but some may find it a little too pale.

Sally Hansen

Model Co – Airbrush in a Can – £28

Quite an expensive spray tan but no biscuit smell after use. The colour is not immediate so you may use too much on the first application. The colour develops over time and has a lovely glow after around 3 hours and lasts about 5 days. No streaks either but again, possibly a little pale for some. Good to touch up an existing tan.

Model Co

Garnier – Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist £7.82

Another spray tan that doesn’t show straight away so tan novices may apply too much at the first spraying. Definitely no streaks though but a little bit of a biscuit smell that some may not like. The colour comes through after about 3 hours so apply before you want it to show. Not bad for the price however.


L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Leg Spray in Medium Skin £8.17

The deepest colour of all the spray tans after only a few hours but still a bit smelly. This colour will last for days and it is available in a range of colours. No need to rub the colour in and if you use it overnight you won’t get the smell of the spray. Our favourite choice.



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