Fossil are leading the race in Wearable Technology

ossil are leading the race in Wearable Technology

I used to manage a clock and watch shop back in my youth, and I always used to get excited when we had a new delivery of Fossil watches. Not simply because of the quality, they were just so unique and amazingly different to anything else I had ever seen.

In those days Fossil were the front runners when it came to designing distinctive watches, fast forward a couple of decades and the same is true. Now the company is concentrating on wearable technology, and boy are they smashing it out of the park.

Whilst the big companies that you would expect to have this market cornered are churning out models that are not particularly fashionable or stylish, Fossil are pouring their heart and soul into over 100 different styles.

At the very heart of their design are classic, stylish models that don’t particularly look like smart watches. Fossil state that just because the company were designing smartwatches they did not see that style should be compromised. And they haven’t.

To this end they have designed a new set of hybrid smartwatches that look like your typical classic watch with an analogue face, but has all the features of a smartwatch.

Not only do they tell the time, but thanks to the Fossil App you can count steps, control your camera, monitor your sleep, set alarms, send calorie intake data and track goals.

These smartwatches are called Hybrid Smartwatches and have a battery life of 6 months which Fossil replace free of charge in the first year.

You might be wondering how you get notifications if the hybrid watch does not have a display screen, well, it’s all in the sub-eye (the small clock face in the corner). Here the hands of the sub eye move and give vibrating alerts.

If you look at the sub-eye you can watch it tracking your progress throughout the day and when you achieve a goal it flicks in celebration. The sub-eye also shows you different time zones, alarms, dates and the last alert received.

Using the three buttons situated on the right of the watch, you can switch between features. The top button shows the date, the middle one allows you to swap between modes and the bottom one activates the Q LINK functionality you have set up previously.

As for Fossil’s Touchscreen watches, these are remarkably thin, come with different straps and have round faces which makes them look a lot more stylish than another certain smartwatch out there.

For example, the Q Marshall Touchscreen Smartwatch comes in four colors and features a display that you can personalise. Functions include daily trackers, calorie counter, alarms, sleep tracker, social media, email, text functions, multiple time zones, calendar alerts, Google Maps, music controls, voice activated controls and much more.

Fossil has always excelled in vintage designs and this is why we love their products so much. But as they say on their website, they may ‘love all things vintage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t (enthusiastically) embrace new technology, too’.

And this is exactly what they’ve done.

Fossil has created a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch. Fossil say that their new collection of wearable technology – Fossil Q, is like a meeting of three different things; fashion, technology and fitness.

And the prices are pretty impressive too. Fossil’s smartwatches start from $195 for the hybrid watches and go up to $315 for the touchscreen watches.

Available here.

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