Quirky Halloween costumes are this years trend

It’s official, witches, ghouls, zombies and pumpkins are out, and quirky and unusual Halloween costumes are most definitely in. So if you are currently wrestling with a bedsheet, scouring the internet for a broomstick or simply fed up with carving pumpkins, get inspired by some truly amazing Halloween outfits, that really bear no relevance to the holiday whatsoever.


Little Old Lady

And that, it seems, is the whole gist of creating a costume this year, as parents go wild for kids dressed up as cupcakes, robots, little old ladies and even ice-cream trucks!

For one company, Costume Works, they are positively overwhelmed by the standard of DIY Halloween costumes, as they have an annual Costume Contest each year, in which there are several categories that people from babies, toddlers, adults and even pets can partake in.


Bubble Bath

Fans of the spooky holiday are invited to send in their photographs of their inspired and creative designs, and are up for the chance of winning a cash prize of $25, $50, $100 or $300.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

The now famous Homemade Halloween Costume Contest was first launched in 2006 by Coletta Daniel, and has now proved to be so popular that since 2011, the website and the Halloween Costume Contest now has a small team of dedicated Halloween enthusiasts running it.


Cutest Hobo

Costume Works celebrates everything that is great about Halloween, and is a website totally dedicated to showing off the handmade creations of Halloween followers. Showcasing costumes from every kind of genre, including the more traditional witch and zombie, to more elaborate and creative costumes such as movie stars, cartoon characters, literary characters, everyday objects and much more.


Eiffel Tower

The website gives fantastic inspiration to people who are looking for something a little bit different, or unique in order to celebrate the holiday.

There are a vast number of galleries, which include previous costume winners, different types of categories, and a helpful ‘how-to’ section, to ensure Halloween night is a frightfully enjoyable experience.


Laundry Basket

So if you are having problems deciding on what to wear this Halloween, we can thoroughly recommend a look through the galleries, where there are tips on producing the costumes as well as ideas for the quirky and interesting.



And there’s still time to enter this years Halloween Costume Competition, as the deadline closes on November 20th. You can enter up to 10 pictures in any category, from Cutest Baby Costume (age 0-2), Best Children’s Costume (age 3+), Best Pet Costume, Most Creative Costume, Coolest Adult Costume and Best Couple Costume.

Barbie Doll Make-up head

Barbie Doll Make-up head

Each category entrant has the chance to win a prize of $25, $50 or $100.

To find out more visit Costume Works Website.

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