For The Action Figure Collector – Try Any Of These Items

If you are a collector of action figures or statues there are some that you just have to have. If you like Marvel Comics then an action figure does not get as cool as Venom. The Venom life-size bust is incredibly detailed putting you face to face with one of Marvel’s scariest villains. There are not so many characters that you can get to look as real as Venom does, perhaps it is because he does not have the regular human facial figures that you are accustomed to. But this life-size bust looks as real as it gets. Every wrinkle on Venom’s face has been carefully designed to fit perfectly. The teeth look razor-sharp as they should and his expression is one that if you did not know any better could give you nightmares. The Venom life-size bust is one that a comic book fans collection can’t be without.

Staying on the Marvel Comic Book collectibles, we now look at the Hot Toy’s version of Iron-Man. The Iron Man Mark 3 battle Damaged is a 12 inch replica of Iron Man with some damage on the front from one of his battles. The sculpting is detailed beyond belief through the entire armor. Even the damage on the chest piece seems to look almost real from afar. There are many ways you place this figure on display, even removing the mask which will reveal a very good replica of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The paint is true to the comic book and the movie in deep red and gold. The joints to move so you can choose to place this ironman on display in any battle position you can imagine. Definitely a must have for Iron Man collectors and fans alike.

Hollywood collectibles is known for their movie replicas and when they took on the movie The Dark Knight one of the best results was the Joker. Ranked as one of the top bad guys in comic books and earning Heath ledger great reviews, the Joker’s Full Size Bust by Hollywood Collectibles brings the character to life. It is always amazing to see what companies can do when replicating movie characters and this bust is one of the best works of art you will ever see come out of a movie. It has the potential to be the highlight of your collection, and it will get you more praise than almost anything. This Joker Bust is so amazingly lifelike that even the eyes seem to be real. The reason for that effect is that they are acrylic eyes. Add to that the fact that it is really life-size and you have one cool and creepy new item in your collection.

You cannot talk about action figures or statues and leave out one of the most influential movies of all time in Star Wars; and when you think of Star Wars you cannot help but to think of Luke Skywalker’s loyal droid R2-D2. Star Wars collectors have always been enthusiastic about new versions of this tiny and brave robot and they will have something to get really excited about soon. Coming out in early 2012 you can expect to see one of the best statues for your collection, and that is the R2-D2 Clone Wars monument statue. This is a 3 foot statue that looks as real as you could hope for. The price is a bit high for the average collector; but imagine; showing off your collection with this real life sized statue of one of the most popular characters in Pop Culture. A definite must for Star Wars Collectors. 

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