For a huge drawing room you can very well go for the 70 TV sets

When we go to watch a movie at a theatre the sheer size of the screen and the stunning sound effects creates an ambience which was almost impractical to be created back home until a few days ago. But not anymore, if your drawing-room happens to encompass the required amount of space then do not hesitate to bring home the ostentatious 70 TV (liquid clear display), plasma or LED (Light emitting diode) TV.

It is a monster but integrated with all the modern refinements like superb contrast ratio, split second response time, superior glare along with matching resolution and brightness. However as far as these larger screens are considered the Plasma technology is a step ahead than its peers in terms of picture quality. It is a good deal for those people yearning for a colossal screen in their drawing-room and do not want the troubles of a projector. In spite of being a behemoth they go perfectly with the aesthetics of the room because of their sleek beauty and compact dimensions. If energy consumption is an issue for you then you would be pleased to know that they are quite eco-friendly and few go to the extent of saving up to 40 per cent electricity. However in general LED TVs use less power.

The thumb rule is that the viewing distance should be at least twice the diagonal of the screen. So for a 70 TV the perfect viewing distance should be between 12 to 15 feet. Getting too close is not sensible   as in that case TV viewing may be conventional CRT TV without any HD details.

Since a big TV brings a greater impact with a larger screen and booming sound system it would definitely prove to be a life changing experience for any uncompromising gamer. Gaming experience has taken a new definition with the launch of these gigantic TV sets. Even Non HD programmes or DVDs also look outstanding in it. It pulls you into the movie action or a football stadium unknowingly and has everything to offer that a movie theater does generally. These TV’s boast a life span of nearly 10000 hours. That is almost 35 years if the TV is on for 8 hours per day.

Various parameters like intelligent sensor, aspect ratio, audio output, life span etc influence the price greatly however anything between $3000 and $4500 can be considered as a good trade-off for a 70 TV.

So if you have a large house with a quest for larger than life, high quality video and if your wallet permits buying a 70 TV of this size can prove to be a perfect return on investment in the long run as it would take you close to theater experience every night without buying a movie ticket. It would be a treat to all your senses sitting at home. You need not to movie halls.   

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