Looking for a new Food Processor?

Then have a gander at our listed items which will surely help you to choose one. Whether you want a small processor that will simply chop and dice for you, or a full Monty type that does the business, we have a selection that shows you the specifications of each model. Now just sit back and image what you will be cooking for dinner tomorrow!

Brushed Chrome Mini-Prep Plus Chef’s Chopper – $39.95

If you do not need a full on food processor then this mini one will do the job for you. The Mini-Prep Plus food processor has a 3-cup capacity work bowl and is great for all those small food-preparation tasks like chopping an onion or nuts, mincing herbs, or making fresh salsa. It has 2 speeds — Chop and Grind — for maximum control. Plus, it has an auto-reversing SmartPower blade and a reversible motor, so you can switch from chop to grind without interrupting the flow. It offers the same quality and modern design you’ve come to appreciate from Cuisinart. Please note: This unit does not make dough. From www.cooking.com

Black & Decker Power Pro™ Wide-Mouth Food Processor – $65.60

This food processor scores five out of five with customers who bought one recently. A great all rounder, you can slice, chop, shred, grate, or puree just about anything with this 500-watt food processor, an invaluable addition to any busy kitchen. The appliance offers a large 10-cup-capacity work bowl with a generous handle and a wide-mouth feed chute that accommodates whole apples, potatoes, onions, and other whole foods–no need to cut into smaller pieces first. Use the stainless-steel chopping blade, stainless-steel reversible slicing and shredding disk, or the dough blade depending on the task at hand. Available in black or white. From www.livingdirect.com

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor – $349.95

This is the daddy of all food processors! Robot-Coupe, the French company that developed the first food processor, applies the technology of its commercial models to this high-performance processor for home use. This versatile machine includes many components and accessories for a wide variety of uses. Extremely powerful, extra-quiet motor. Trio of work bowls allows you to carry out multiple tasks in rapid succession, without stopping to wash a bowl. Small bowl is perfect for mincing herbs, chopping nuts or blending a sauce. Medium bowl is ideal for slicing and grating. Large bowl handles prep jobs like mixing batters, kneading. From www.williams-sonoma.com

KitchenAid 13-cup Food Processor – $199.95

The food processor ahead of its time with the ease of adjusting slicing thickness on the base exterior, without removing the bowl or changing the blade. Adjust to 1 to 6 levels of thickness with the easy-access lever control for the slicing blade. This Kitchen Aid food processor speeds food prep with the convenience of 2 work bowls, 13-cup and 4-cup, to perform multiple prep tasks. Five attachments and specially engineered speeds of low, high and pulse create a cutting and kneading system with unprecedented precision. This advanced food processor produces exact results, processing small to large quantities. Low speed quickly penetrates thick-skinned produce, leaving delicate interiors perfectly intact for restaurant-style presentation. High speed slices, juliennes or shreds, saving hours of manual prep time. From www.chefscatalog.com

Kenmore 3-Speed 56 oz. Blender/Food Processor – $59.36

This is everything you could want in a food processor. A blender can perch atop the processing unit so that you can make smoothies or soups, then you can take it off to use the actual processor in order to chop and slice and dice vegetables and fruit. It has simplified all your appliances by combining the Kenmore blender and food processor into one unit. The blender features a large capacity 56 oz. (1.5 liter) tempered glass container and solid stainless-steel blades while the food processor has 3-cup capacity and solid stainless steel disc and blade. Both have easy-to-use controls and are powered by a heavy-duty 500 watt motor. From www.sears.com

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