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Kelly Osbourne has been looking rather fabulous recently, and she puts this down to her healthy lifestyle and by following certain meal plans. Now the daughter of legendary rockstar Ozzy Osbourne wants to share her success with ITV viewers, and to this end she is due to appear on Lorraine Kelly’s Daybreak show to reveal exactly how she shed those pounds.

Kelly took three lucky viewers with her to LA to spend a week with her and her personal trainer and her fitness and nutrition experts, so that they could see first hand, what it takes to get a body like hers.

Kelly has always been upfront about her weight struggles and admitted in a recent interview that she would always be an ‘FFP, a Former Fat Person’. It was after she appeared on the US version of Strictly Come Dancing – Dancing with the Stars with Louis Van Amstel in 2010 that she noticed the weight was starting to fall off her naturally and this gave her the boost she needed to eat healthily. She managed to lose over three stone and said that this has given her a newfound confidence.

Kelly doesn’t believe in quick fixes or fad diets and says that there is a simple solution to losing weight, just eat right and exercise more. And it is this simple advice that has helped her to lose an impressive 69lbs. And now that she has managed to lose this weight, and to keep it off, Kelly wants to help other women to do the same.



On Lorraine’s Daybreak ITV show, Kelly will be revealing the secrets that have helped her to lose the weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The 28-year-old will be sharing all her tips and advice that goes into making up the Kelly Osbourne Hollywood Diet.

As well as sharing her tips and advice on how to beat the bulge once and for all, earlier in December of last year, Kelly took three viewers over to LA for a complete health and fitness overhaul, and we can all see over the coming week, the amazing results of what these lucky viewers managed to achieve with Kelly’s advice.

Kelly’s team of top fitness experts include fitness and nutrition expert and Kelly’s personal trainer, Fred Khorshidi, as well as Louis Van Amstel, the dance instructor for dancing With The Stars who kickstarted Kelly’s weight loss.

Carla Lundblade, a clinical therapist with a client roster of Hollywood A-listers who deals with weight and food issues is also on hand to help with any clinical issues.

Speaking about her exciting new project, Kelly said: ‘Working with the Lorraine show is so exciting for me because I know that communicating healthy living in a language that’s easy to understand can be the key to changing someone’s life. That’s all it took for me.



The three viewers that were chosen to go to LA with kelly all have their personal reasons for wanting to lose the weight. 27-year-old bride-to-be Nicola wants to lose seven stone before her wedding day, Andrea is keen to lose three stone and 62-year-old grandmother Estralita also wants to shift three stone. Kelly has much advice to impart: ‘Healthy living has transformed my life and I’m so excited to be able to help anyone else who is motivated and ready to transform their own life in the same way.’

Kelly Osbourne’s Hollywood Diet launches on ITV1 Daybreak and Lorraine from Wednesday 2nd January and runs until 11th January. For more information see www.itv.com/lorraine


Fred and Kelly’s top tips are:

  • Eat every two to three hours
  • Don’t shop for food when you are feeling hungry
  • Don’t cook when you are feeling hungry – as you will just pick while you are cooking
  • Make your lunch in a batch for the week. Pack and label them in Tupperware and put them in a freezer and take them out and use them as you need
  • Don’t only eat to get full! This is a bad habit to get into
  • Only eat when you need to
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day
  • Have any dressing, sauce or gravy on the side
  • Do not cut back on calories as you will be doing exercise so you will need the food for energy

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