Fly More Cheaply – Cut Those Added Flights Costs

Some may think that you need thousands of pounds to travel. Well, they are wrong. When it comes to airline tickets, for



example, you should know that the Internet is your best friend. In fact, you may get quotes from different companies and compare them as to choose the most convenient one.

Airlines – particularly budget ones, such as EasyJet and Ryanair – compete with each other, offering cheap flights deals, but the flight price quoted is not usually the flight price you end up paying, because they add on hidden charges and extras for many things, which could end up doubling or tripling the price. Here are some ways to avoid these charges.

Book sale tickets which have no taxes

Most of the budget airlines charge you taxes on top of your initial seat price for each flight, which significantly raises the cost. Some airlines now, though, have sales whereby no taxes are charged. Ryanair, in particular, has many of these sales several times a year.

As well as this, most airlines charge you to check in, whether or not you choose to check in online or at the check-in gates. During Ryanair’s sales, often these check-ins are free too, saving you a fair bit, especially if there is more than one person travelling.



Most airlines now charge you an extra fee for paying for your flights purchase with a credit or debit card, but they have one ‘free’ card, whereby you are not charged. With most of these airlines, the free card of choice is the Visa Electron, although with Ryanair, the ‘free’ card is a prepaid Mastercard.

Only take hand luggage

Charges for hold luggage are high with all airlines, but especially so with budget airlines, which charge you up to £ 35 each way per person for checking in luggage. You are permitted 10kg of hand luggage, provided your bags measure under the maximum sizes, so check these requirements.

Check in online and print your own boarding pass

Although some airlines charge you to check in online as well as offline, it’s usually cheaper to opt to do it online, and with many airlines, online check-in is free. If your travel dates are within the required period, check in for both the outgoing and return journeys. Print your own boarding passes too, as this can save you money.

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