10 of the Best Floor Lamps for 2019

When it is still dark outside you need a little extra light indoors. The great thing about floor lamps is that you don’t have to find a surface to put them on. Just make some room near your favourite comfy chair and switch on the light.

Here are 10 gorgeous floor lamps to light up your dark nights:

Seletti Linea LED Neon Tube Lamp, Blue – £75.00

Floor Lamps

Wow, this is a bit different, isn’t it? Perfect for a contemporary setting. You can use this bright blue neon tube as a floor lamp as it has additional extras of a wooden base and top (sold separately) but is does come with a leather loop for hanging. You also get 2 clear plastic brackets so you can fix it to a wall but we prefer the freestanding version. Comes in pink and white.

Next Drizzle Floor Lamp – £150

Floor Lamps

If you prefer a more traditional but sophisticated look then this one will certainly catch your eye. Gorgeous smoky glass base that is complimented with a matching grey material on the shade. And don’t worry that it might fall over because of its size, it comes with a handy floor bracket to stop it doing just that.

Chloe White Feather Floor Lamp – £55.20

Floor Lamps

Who said floor lamps have to be serious? This one is a lot of fun and would look good in a colourful living space or a young person’s bedroom. We love the cuteness of it. A very modern lamp that combines white feathers on the shade with a chrome stand. It switches on with a floor button.

Curva 200cm Arched Floor Lamp – £78.99

Floor Lamps

I love these types of curved floor lamps. They add a touch of class simply by being there. And unlike others that are mainly for show, these ones are pretty practical. Use them for reading or casting a soft warmth in darker areas. Comes with a marble base and a chrome finish.

Dantzig Satin Nickel 3 Arm Floor Lamp with Multi-Coloured Dome Shades – £64.99

Floor Lamps

For anyone hankering back to the 60s, this is a retro style lamp reminiscent of that era. It features three coloured shades in yellow, blue and grey that each cast a slightly different hued light. The stand is made from a satin nickel in a curved shape.

Nordlux Design For The People SpaceB LED Floor Lamp, White – £300.00

Floor Lamps

Now you cannot replace the LED in this floor lamp but it is designed to last for 20,000 hours and is energy efficient. You can tilt the lamp to illuminate different parts of your room. It gives off a brilliant white light. Also dimmable and available in black

Ikea ÄNGLAND Floor lamp  – £25

Floor Lamps

Practical, affordable, and does the job. You could say that about most Ikea products but this floor lamp needs no more introduction. Radiates a warm glow and won’t look out of place in any room.

Chicago Floor Lamp, Black and Silver – £199

Floor Lamps

These types of spotlight floor lamps are becoming ever more popular. They bring back a nostalgic era of glamour and celebrity. Instead of shining light outwards the bulb faces inwards and reflects light off the painted shade.  It creates a lovely warm effect.

Flambeau Floor Lamp – £353.95

Floor Lamps

If you like something a little more flamboyant then quite often we have to go over the pond for the more elaborate designs. This one from Baton Rouge uses gold and silver leaf designs for the base. It is handmade in New Orleans and despite coming from the US can usually be delivered in 3-4 days.

John Lewis & Partners Jester Iridescent 5 Light Floor Lamp, Multi – £210.00

Floor Lamps

Finally, if you love anything iridescent then you won’t be able to take your eyes of our last floor lamp. There are five multi-coloured iridescent shades that cast the most spectacular light display on your walls. They even look amazing during the day. Well worth the money. Finished in chrome.

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