Flea Treatments For Dogs And Cats

These little blood sucking pests can make the lives of pets and owners less than pleasant have been around for the longest time and for all that time people have been looking for flea treatments for dogs and cats. Fleas are a lot more than just an inconvenience. The constant scratching can cause bleeding, other skin conditions, as well as other types of infections and the problem is that fleas are also common and easily can get on your dog or cat. A flea’s hind legs are strong and allow the flea to jump many times its size. That makes it easy for a flea to jump from one pet to another or from the woods or the ground onto a pet’s fur.

There is no magical way to get rid of fleas overnight but there are ways to get rid of them easily and effectively if you simply follow a few steps. But if your pet’s flea problem is already out of control you must first call your vet to get a flea treatment that will work in the most severe stages. Even if the problem seems small you should treat your pet’s favorite places such as its bed. If you have a carpeted home or apartment treating the carpet is essential to ridding your pet and your house of these small pests. If you fail to treat those places the fleas will come back. Even if you do not see any fleas on the bedding or carpet, chances are that there are eggs in them.

Treat the home overall:

Unfortunately the treatment must be done on most of your house if your cat or dog has free range access to the entire house. Carpets, furniture, rugs, your bed must be treated. If you are using a vacuum, then you must also remember to dispose of the bag as soon as you are done. Fleas can live in there and get out if you fail to do so. That means that you will have to do the process again if you just forget to toss out the bag. It is recommended that you keep your pet away from others while getting rid of fleas because the treatment can be damaging to other pets and your best friend could get more fleas if it goes to a dog park, making the treatment inefficient.

Look for the right treatment:

An important tip when looking for flea treatments for dogs and cats is to research the treatment you decide to buy. Your vet would be best positioned to recommend a treatment, but there are plenty over the counter options that may be cheaper. Be cautioned as some can also have harmful effects on your pet. You must also use the right amount of medicine indicated to make sure your pet is safe. If your dog is in a weight class, do not use a treatment for a different weight. The treatment is designed with the pet’s weight in mind if you alter the dose, you run the risk of making the treatment useless or worse harming your pet.


The best way to deal with fleas is to prevent your pet from getting them in the first place. Monthly treatments will keep your pet healthy and flea free if you make sure they have their dose. Shampoos are also a great aid in preventing the spread of fleas and will kill the eggs already on your pet’s fur. There are also collars and powders; spot on products and dips. All those products can be effective in preventing or getting rid of fleas. Take those necessary steps and your pet will thank you every day of its life.

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