Five Steps To A Healthier Work Week

These days we’re busier than ever and because of this it can be incredibly hard to try to stick to our healthy way of eating. There are a few things that you can work into your normal week to be healthier overall. One of the biggest things you’ll want to remember is that small steps can go a long way to helping you stay fit. Here are some examples to get you going in the right direction.

Take Your Lunch

Every time you eat out you should consider you’ll be potentially consuming twice as many calories as you would if you brought something from home. On top of that, these eating out calories are often far less good for us than the equal amount of calories we would eat at home. Try getting veggies that are ready washed and having high protein dip, such as hummus on hand for a quick snack to make your day easier. When you’re grocery shopping, consider foods that are healthy, easy to pack and something you’ll want to eat. If you doubt you’ll start packing tuna for lunch, then pick something else, even if it’s not as healthy. The first step would be eating what you’ve brought from home for a healthier work week.

Partner Up

Sometimes it can just be too difficult to plan on bringing food each and every day to stay healthier. An exercise buddy is a sure fire way to help you committed, the same can be said for a work buddy. The work environment can sometimes be a very difficult place to stick with a health regiment. If you have a friend on board there’s a great chance you’ll be better able to opt out of cheesy fries and into fresh fruit. It’s also an ideal way to share the lunch burden. One day you can plan a healthy lunch and bring it along and the next your partner can.

Take Some Water

Many of us are creatures of convenience. This means if there’s a drinking fountain down the way, unless it’s stocked with fresh, ice cold spring water, we probably aren’t going to make a trip to it every time we’re thirsty. Try forming the habit of bringing a nice drinking jug that is full of ice cold water. This will help you to stay hydrated and on track to a healthier self.

Take Small Breaks

If your job entails you sitting at a desk all day it can be extremely difficult to get any exercise in. The less we move around the harder it is for our metabolism to stay high. If you’re stuck at the desk most of the day try getting up every hour and doing some light stretching. This will not only burn a couple of calories it will also improve your circulation among other health benefits.

Have Dinner Ready

When we have a busy work week there isn’t only the danger of eating lunch out every day, there is the very real danger of coming home too tired to cook. The best way to combat this is with being prepared. You can get lean cuts of roast and have the going in a slow cooker so you have something convenient and hot when you get home. This is another area that often the first trick is to getting yourself in the habit of not eating out. There are far too many traps and high calorie foods when we dine out. This often means one of the biggest tricks to sticking to your health plan is to grocery shop in a smart manner. Have healthy food on hand so that you are able to easily eat smart.

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