Five Skincare Ingredients you cannot live without!

When it comes to anti-ageing ingredients, you surely have to have an honours degree in bio-chemistry to understand which compound does what to your skin. And forget about talk of collagen and stem renewal, we just want to know which ingredient will plump up our wrinkles and stop the ravages of time. Don’t get us wrong however, a little knowledge goes a long way, and if us ladies know what to look for, we don’t mind at look reading the labels on a few jars, just point us in the right direction! So, for all of us women out there, who want a heads up on the best anti-ageing ingredients on the market, without a mornings lecture on biology or chemistry, here is what you should be looking out for:


olay-pro-x-wrinkle-protocol-enBest for: smoothing out wrinkles and brightening up dull skin

Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are classed as the most effective skincare ingredients. Dermatologists love them, and even doctors prescribe them in creams and lotions. Retinoids tackle the damage left by free radicals, over-exposure to the sun and lifestyle factors. They help to promote skin growth and are particularly good with patients who suffer from acne and psoriasis. Retinoids also regualte the production of melanin, which leads to a healthy, youthful turnover of cells, resulting in brighter skin.

TRY: Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Wrinkle Protocol


Best for: Skin with large pores

MD-Formulations-Sensitive-Anti-Wrinkle-Kit-163620The way AHA’s work is that they are used in chemical peels, which slough away dead skin and bacteria which can encourage pores to clog up, leading to spots, acne and dull looking skin. Derived from natural plant extracts, AHA’s are amazing at clearing away and firming up skin to brighten it and make it look younger and more vibrant. Great for anyone with enlarged pores or dull, unrefined skin.

TRY: Md Formulations Sensitive Anti-Wrinkle Kit


Clipboard02Best for: Puffy eyes and fine lines

A definite favourite with cosmetic practicioners, as these type of proteins help to stimulate collagen regrowth (collagen is the compound that keeps skin elasticated and young looking) and it also boosts our circulation. So if you are one of those people who continually suffer from puffy eyes and have sluggish looking skin, choose a product high in peptides to give you skin a big boost, as it is bad circulation that stops the blood from moving around and keeping your eyes line free.

TRY: Derma E Peptides Plus Wrinkle Reverse Creme


skinceuticals-phloretin-cfBest for: pigmentation

A powerful antioxidant derived from apples, this antioxidant not only protects against free radicals, but a range of other reactive molecules known to cause damage and DNA mutations. In addition, it corrects existing damage by stimulating the growth of essential proteins and fibers and it helps to accelerate cell turnover. Age spots looks diminished and skin is retexturized.

TRY: SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF


lanc__me_explore_l___ol__o_r__g__n__ration_2675_north_382xBest for: dry skin with fine lines

According to Lancome, we have under our skin, a kind of scaffolding, made up of a gel-like network of proteins and sugars, that acts like a shock absorber between cells. This is called the skin matrix. As we age, skin looses its elasticity; cells deteriorate and we cannot produce the youthful cells such as collagen. Pro-Xylane boosts the activity of the matrix, telling the aging cells what to do and transmits information to younger cells and re-stimulates older cells simultaneously. The molecules are able to absorb more water, refilling the matrix and making it more gel-like, thus plumping it up again.

TRY: Lancome Absolut Sublime Replenishing Serum

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