Five of the Best Healthy Eating Websites

Everywhere you look the focus is on healthy eating and how to avoid sugary, fat laden food that is over salted. These days, the supermarkets are stocked full with healthy eating options but to understand what is good for you and what you should avoid is becoming harder than ever. Daily scares about certain types of food now shown to be an unhealthy choice leave some people reaching for the doughnuts in despair. But fear not, there are some great websites specially designed to to help you improve your knowledge of healthy eating and your diet. Here are five of the best:

All Recipes has a sophisticated feature in which you can search for recipes according to your specific dietary needs, for instance, diabetics, coeliacs and even those who want to increase their fibre intake, everyone is catered for here. You can also filter your search by adding what main ingredient you want, the time it takes to cook a meal, the occasion and the preparation style. Check out www.allrecipes.co.uk for more details.

The Vegetarian Society provides an amazing wealth of ideas on how to get vital vitamins and nutrients into your daily diet and you do not have to be a vegetarian to vegan to enjoy their menu recipes. And as a balanced vegetarian diet is likely to exceed the recommended intake of 5-a-Day fruit and vegetables which is linked to lower rates of colon and some other cancers, you’ll be doing your body a favour. Visit www.vegsoc.org/health for more details.

NHS Live Well is a government funded website that has tips on everything from losing weight, cutting down on alcohol to finding out what your ailment might be. It has a healthy eating assessment, a sports personality test to see which sporting activity you would be best suited to, eating during pregnancy and tips to stop smoking. Have a look at www.nhs.uk/livewell for information.

Spoonfed Suppers is the brainchild of virtual housewife Candy Delaney who, for £35 a year will take the hassle of out planning everyday meals and provide you with a weekly recipe list and shopping list to match. The meal planners are healthy with sugar, fat and calorie contents provided, it is cheap and economical and convenient as it allows you to get on with other tasks. Visit their website www.spoonfedsuppers.comfor details on how to join.

BBC GoodFood helps you turn the most indulgent meal into a healthy option by replacing the sugar and fats into low calorie alternatives. I t has tips on how to improve your skin, what to eat on holiday to remain healthy, healthy snack ideas, how to boost your brain power with food and advice on how to kick your bad eating habits. Visit www.bbcgoodfood.com

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