Five of the Best Golf Accessories

Wasn’t it Mark Twain that said ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled?’ Perhaps he didn’t have these fabulous golf accessories to hand to help him in his game? From brightly coloured balls to an accessory kit, find all you need here to maximise your handicap and get you through to the 19th hole in no time!

Twilight Tracer

The Twilight Tracer Flashing Golf Ball does exactly that; flashes for five minutes after you have hit it so you can find it wherever it has landed. Twilight Tracer is a regulation golf ball with an inner core that contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for a duration time of 5-6 minutes, giving you around 1,000 strikes of the ball. The light inside also means that you can continue playing in the dark. Costs £8.99 from www.play.com

Green Pro

The Green Pro Golf Accessory is a Seven in One Tool kit that picks up balls, repairs pitch marks, and has a pencil sharpener amongst other things. The Green Pro Golf accessory is the perfect Golf gift. This gift is great for golf lovers and can be branded to produce a very useful corporate gift. The accessory works by attaching onto your putter and saves golfers bending down to retrieve balls and repairing pitch marks. An ideal Fathers Day gift. Available from www.giftswithstyle.co.uk for £14.95.


The SensoGlove is an amazing piece of technology designed specifically for golfers to help them with their grip. The SensoGlove is a special computerised glove which looks and feels like a normal golf glove but has strategically-placed sensors attached to measure your grip pressure 80 times per second. These sensors send data to a small computer attached to the back of the glove! A 3cm wide screen will allow golfers to view an instant readout to show whether too much grip pressure has been used. Buy from www.firebox.com for around £49.99.

Longridge Foam

If you are always losing your practice balls then you’ll probably want some that are brightly coloured and easy to find. Try these Longridge Foam Golf Practice Balls. Lightweight so they won’t travel far making them easy to retrieve, made of foam and coloured in bright hues so you can spot them easily and only £3.95 for six. Available from www.johnlewis.com.

Accessory Kit

Finally, get all the accessories in one place in this Longridge 150 Piece Golf Accessory Set. The Longridge Golfer’s Accessory Set is a 150 piece set, chocker-block full of all the bits and pieces a golfer could want to accompany their regular golf clubs and equipment. Containing a range of tees, shoe accessories, course and practice aids, the Longridge Golfer’s Accessory Set makes an excellent gift for any level of golfer. Costs only £9.99 from www.onlinegolf.co.uk.

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