Five of the Best Food Apps

Proper foodies are more likely to be in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up and elbow deep in flour, rather than peering into their iPhones. But for any budding chef, knowledge is power, and these food apps are designed to increase your cooking skills. So from being able to choose the correct wine to go with a dish, to knowing exactly what the numbers of additives mean, these cooking and food apps are essential for the established and the novice cook.

Forage – Free Food From the Wild – iPhone & iPad – £1.49

If you have ever been out and about in the countryside and looked at a plant and wondered was it edible or not, then this is the app for you. This App combines a list of the most common wild foods available in the UK with images of those foods and information about the food such as leaf, flower and stem identification information, habitat, season, uses and most importantly any warnings about the plant. You can also record the locations of the foods found on the Maps so that you can find them again. Each food has the following information: Description, Habitat, Season, Uses and Warnings; a minimum of two images to aid in identification; notes to record your information about the food; a set of user specified locations shown on the Map. You can also use the search facility to help you identify a food.

Wine & Food Pairing – Android 62p

A great app for real foodies; this app does not only give you examples of food and wine pairings, it offers some fantastic advice, we had to print this excerpt:

There are some basic guidelines that go a very long way when deciding which wine to drink with your meal. Knowing these is the beginning to enjoying many dishes with a great wine that perfectly complements the meal.

Flavors and Tastes – This may seem like common sense, but you want to match the flavor of the wine with the flavor of the meal that is being eaten. Light wines (sometimes called delicate) such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc tend to go better with lighter meals of veggies and fish. Medium bodied wines with earthy or hearty flavors will go better with lighter meats such as poultry and pork. Save the heavier wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for your beef. It is important to note, as everyone is aware, not all wines made from the same grape taste the same and have the same characteristics. This brings us to our next guideline.

Things that Grow Together, Go Together – The old adage holds true for wine pairings as well. Grapes grown closer the ocean, will produce wines that tend to go better with seafood. A good rule of thumb is to enjoy a wine from the same region where the dish’s cuisine is from. Having a northern Italian dish, complement it with a Northern Italian wine. Having bratwurst, try a German Riesling.

Time to Roast – iPhone, iPad – 69p

This app will surely come into its own on a Sunday or at Christmas. Calculate the cooking time for your Sunday roast by simply entering the weight of the meat. Quickly see the temperature and cooking time or read the easy to follow instructions. Includes information for traditional roasts such as beef and chicken as well as once in a while treats like goose or duck. It has been featured in T3 magazine, Christmas 2010 issue – ‘Apps of the Month’ and iTunes ‘Festive Cooking Apps’ December 2010. The App Features:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Summary of cooking times
  • Easy to follow cooking instructions
  • How to test the meat is cooked
  • Alarms to notify you of actions to take at each stage of cooking
  • Configure the units you want to use: °C or °F , kgs or lbs and Gas, Fan/Convection or Conventional ovens
  • Configure your oven preheating time
  • Cooking preference for red meats

What Additives? – Android, iPhone, iPad – Free

Worried about what additives are in your food? This handy shopping tool will help you to check what all these E-Numbers in your food really are. What Additives v3 provides quick reference to simplified information about food additives (a.k.a E-numbers) labeled on foods. Find out what they are, if they are vegan or if they are good for kids. This app allows you to check what is in your food within a few clicks. It is especially designed for easier use while shopping. There are two search modes – by number and by word – switchable from the options menu (MENU button on your mobile). User reviews so far are good, a few would wish for more additives on the database and say that it is a little hit and miss, but remember this is a free app.

Simply Good Fish – iPhone – Free

This app is a must for all people who love good food that’s simple, great tasting and easy to achieve. Peter Sidwell, celebrity chef from the Channel 4 TV series ‘Lakes on a Plate’ has been inspired by the UK’s ‘Big Fish Fight’ program to create a collection of his trade mark, no nonsense, great tasting fish recipes. Not only is there a great selection of recipes for you to cook, he has also put together cook along videos for each recipe, so you can watch how he does it.

  • 19 exclusive fish recipes
  • 19 cook along videos
  • Portion calculator for 2, 4 & 8 portions
  • Email the shopping list option
  • Share recipes with friends on Twitter and Facebook
  • You can even email Peter questions

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