Five of the Best DIY Gadgets

When it comes to DIY, I prefer to let my man do it all, even though I do own a pretty neat, all pink girlie tool box (no euphemisms intended) with proper pink handled tools. The most you can expect out of me and DIY is hanging a picture (help required to get it level) and changing a plug (help required to remember the wires). So all in all I’m a bit rubbish and I admit it. If you ask me however, there’s nothing more a man likes than to be asked to do a little DIY for a lady. It brings out the Neanderthal man in them and gets them all fired up and muscles blazing, ready to take on the next job in the house, I mean, you can really get them on a roll if you time it right! As for tools for men, many of them will have their own tool boxes and will not take kindly if you proffer a pink handled one, but will readily accept a gadget or two. And here are some that even the most DIY phobic will not be able to turn away from. Be warned however, they may spend more time playing with them than actually putting them to the use they were intended. Hmm!

Dulux Paint Pod – £68.00

What a brilliant invention this gadget is. I’ve often seen the advert and thought how simple this is to use. You simply pour the paint into the machine and it is pumped into the roller for an even painting job. And it even cleans itself – music to my ears! It also features an edging kit combined with a unique triangular brush making light work of cutting in and filling corners. Buy here from Tescos and save £11.95 on the RRP.

Black & Decker 3in1 Detector – £28.74

This innovative Wooden Stud, Metal & AC Live Wire Detector offers the user peace of mind before drilling. It accurately finds centre of wooden stud first time ensuring items to be hung are weighted evenly. Automatically detects live wires at all times for increased safety. And the LCD screen provides clear indication of concealed objects. Improved grip keeps unit flat to wall for more accurate results. Audio & visual alerts improve ease of use. Buy here from Pixmania and save £1.25 on the RRP.

Bosch Digital Laser Range Finder – £63.99

The Bosch PLR25 digital laser range finder provides precise and reliable readings, thanks to its state-of-the-art laser technology. Features include a Laser diode: 635 Nm, Laser class: 2, Range: 0.05 – 25 metres, Measurement accuracy: 2 mm, Average measurement time: under 0.5 seconds, Maximum measurement time: 4 seconds, Weight: 0.18 kg. Buy here from Pixmania and save £10.01 on the RRP.

DeWalt Right Angled Drill Driver – £172.63

Powerful 18 Volt right angle drill, ideal for drilling and screwdriving applications in confined spaces. Compact lightweight design with two speed settings with reverse switch. Compact 10mm single sleeve keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for quick and easy bit change with one hand. Ergonomic handle and rubber overmold to provide ultimate end user comfort. Multi grip trigger provides comfort and convenience by allowing the usr to operate the trigger from various positions. High performance fan cooled motor for maximum power and durability. All metal gearing and right angle transmission for efficient power transmission and longer tool life. Buy here from the Screw-Driver Shop and save £17.32 on RRP.

Bosch Uneo Maxx – £162.95

Hammering, Drilling, Screwdriving–All With Only One Tool. The Bosch 18-volt cordless rotary hammer Uneo Maxx with lithium-ion technology has maximum power and maximum versatility. A lightweight power tool from Bosch for easy DIY work, it allows you to put design ideas into practice in wood, metal, concrete or any other surface, independently of plug sockets and without annoying cables. It’s ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The innovation behind the Uneo Maxx’s stellar performance is a pneumatic hammer mechanism with the smallest-ever dimensions. In combination with a powerful motor, it provides high power in an extremely small space. For example, this impressive three-in-one tool not only drills holes with ease in any wood or metal, but also, by simply switching to its smallest-ever pneumatic hammer mechanism, it can even drill into concrete with ease. It is three gadgets in one: a screwdriver, a drill and a hammer drill. Buy here from Amazon and save £17.04 on the RRP.

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