Five of the Best: Compact Lawnmowers

If you have a small garden with a tiny lawn you will not want to buy an over sized lawnmower. It will be clumsy to operate and difficult to manoeuvre around in a tiny space. Plus, usually a small garden means a small house and you may not have the storage space for it either.  Compact lawnmowers are ideal for people who have smaller than average gardens or whose lawns are not that big and do not require and large hefty lawnmower. They are also good for people who cannot move around that well or have mobility problems and cannot physically push a large mower around. We have sourced the five best compact lawnmowers so you don’t have to.

Qualcast Panther 30 – This is the UK’s best selling hand mower and for one good reason, it costs nothing to run, you simply push it along, with no cables or leads to trip over it makes and ideal mower for someone with a smaller garden and not much mowing to do. Available from amazon.co.uk for around £39.99.

Flymo Glidemaster 360 – Another compact mower, electric this time but very easy to operate. Just plug it into the mains and start mowing, even your kids could use this! You empty the grass box via a pop up lid and it is lightweight and perfect for those who have problems pushing a heavier mower. Buy it from diy.com and it is priced at £129.98.

Bosch Rotak 34LI – This mower is battery operated so you have to make you have remembered to charge up the battery before you use it. However it does recharge within an hour so there are no excuses from the hubby! A lovely little mower with a grass box at the back, to check it out go to bosch.co.uk where it is priced currently at  £279.

Brill Razorcut 38 – This is another traditional running mower which you literally push along the ground so therefore has no electricity costs involved and not tangled cables to worry about. You do have to pay an extra £21.34 if you want the grass collector but the machine itself costs £108.95 from nigelsecostore.com. The smallest of our mowers so far.

Ryobi RLM364OLI – With this mower you can cover an estimated 400sq metres so it can be used for small and larger gardens. Battery operated, the charge will last you for a full 400sq metres as well. The grass collector is slightly larger than most compact mowers and sits at the back which could get in the way but overall a nice machine. Available from conrad-uk.com.

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