Five of the Best Budget Cooling Fans

If I told you that I had only just turned off my electric blanket in the last two days, would you believe me? And if I mentioned that last night I turned it back on, would you think there was something wrong with me?

Well, each to his own but I am perpetually cold, and as such, never have a use for a cooling fan, preferring instead to remove an item of clothing or open a window if I need to cool down.

Not that that ever happens. But for you poor souls that are suffering during this mini heat wave, I have put my own personal preferences aside, and sourced especially for you, the five best budget cooling fans on the market today. We start from the cheapest and end with the most expensive.

Mod Man Union Jack Pod Fan – £5

Mod Man Union Jack Pod Fan - £5

This is a travel, hand held fan that is ideal for when you are out and about. Quiet to use, so you can turn it on in the theatre, or on the bus without distracting others around you, and the three blades work to cool you down more efficiently than the standard two blade hand held fans. From Marks & Spencer.

Challenge White Oscillating Desk Fan – 12 Inch – £12.96

Challenge White Oscillating Desk Fan - 12 Inch - £12.96

For those of us who either work from home, or in the office with no aircon, this 12” fan is perfect as it is small enough to place on your desk or work space without taking up too much room.

It comes with 3 speed settings and button controls which gives you more flexibility over the cooling speed. And the sturdy base allows it to be placed securely on your desk or table, to support the oscillating feature. From Argos.

Argos Value Range White Oscillating Pedestal Fan – £19.96

Argos Value Range White Oscillating Pedestal Fan - £19.96

A great free standing cooling fan here from the value range at Argos. This oscillating white-finished pedestal fan operates simply with a push button, you can tilt it yourself and there are three speed settings. From Argos.

NSA’UK SFC-300BP 12” Air Circulator Fan, Silver – £34.95

NSA’UK SFC-300BP 12” Air Circulator Fan, Silver - £34.95

This innovative cooling fan is designed to move air around a large room more efficiently than a standard fan. Using aerodynamic technology, the fan manages to cool a much wider area than a regular fan can.

There are three metal blades and 2 speed setting, a manual tilt function allows for horizontal and vertical use, while the carry handle makes it easily transportable. From John Lewis.

Dimplex DXMBCF Mont Blanc Cooling Fan – £49.99

Dimplex DXMBCF Mont Blanc Cooling Fan - £49.99

If you are looking for a stylish way to cool down this summer, then the Mont Blanc ticks all the boxes. Featuring a tall, slim body and sleek black finish, features include an electronic LED display, choice of 3 fan speed settings, oscillation function, 8 hour run back timer and even a remote control.

There are two other settings which vary the fan speed to either simulate a natural breeze for day or night use. The Mont Blanc measures a small 31cm in diameter, so is relatively unobtrusive. From Amazon.

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