Five great Mother’s Day technology gifts

Yes, it’s usually the other way round – you’re the one asking your Mum to buy you the latest gadgets and gizmos for Christmas or your birthday. But, maybe, instead of flowers and chocolates this year, the most important woman in your life may just appreciate something a little different. Here’s our pick of the best tech gear gifts.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch

Nook simple touch

If your Mum hasn’t yet joined the e-reader revolution, it may just be time to introduce her to a new way of enjoying her favourite chick lit, thrillers or science fiction. The Nook Simple Touch costs £79 and has a six-inch display with a 600 x 800 resolution. You simply swipe or touch the screen to flip pages so it is easy to use. It comes with 2GB of storage, which is enough for 1,000 books. If your Mum is a more prolific reader then there is a microSD slot for adding an extra 32GB.


Fitbit Ultra

What Mum hasn’t made a resolution to get fitter, healthier and to lose a bit of weight? Well, you can make the task a bit easier for her with Fitbit. There are different models to choose from, but our favourite is the Fitbit Ultra which tracks activity levels and monitors sleep patterns. Costing around £60, it monitors day-to-day activity giving feedback on steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed to encourage you to compete with yourself and be more active every day.

Sunrise alarm clock

Lumie bodyclock

The school run, work, housework – then trying to fit in a bit of socialising and perhaps a hobby – it’s no wonder most Mums feel pretty tired most of the time. If yours is one who finds it tough to get up in the morning, she may just appreciate a sunrise alarm clock. Try the Lumie version, which costs £55 from bodykind.com. It imitates a sunrise effect beside your bed, from the first glimmer of dawn, gradually increasing in brightness until you gently wake up the way nature intended. The idea is if you feel ready to wake up instead of being startled awake with a harsh sounding alarm, you’ll be better able to face the day.

iPhone case

iPhone case

If your Mum loves her tech, how about personalising her favourite gadget with a special case. Try one of Griffin’s designer series cases, limited editions created by renowned artists and designers. We love the quirky Parachute Pony design from artist Elizabeth Foster. Made using a printing process that uses ink-dye sublimation and heat-cured gallery gloss, you can choose from shells to fit the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4. Each design has only been made in limited numbers so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Bodum Bistro hand mixer

Bodum bistro handmixer

If your Mum loves baking, then a new gizmo for the kitchen could appeal. At £44, it is a handy little gadget that can mix up anything from whipped cream to the perfect fluffy mashed potatoes. It can also be used to make light work of kneading bread dough or mixing cake batter. With five powerful speeds, it is made from durable stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone. Not only does it have a pleasing retro feel, it makes mixing chores less work for Mum. Better still, you could use it to whip up a cake to present her with on Mother’s Day.

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