Five of the Best Wearable Cameras 2017

Wearable Cameras

Whether you are a lifestyle vlogger, are concerned about safety on the roads when you are cycling, or are an adrenalin junkie that wants to capture awesome shots, you’ll need a good wearable camera.

If your activities are mostly sedentary then you will only need a basic model that doesn’t feature anti-shake or stabilization capabilities.

For all other pursuits you’ll be looking for pin point sharp images and wide angle lens that allow you to take brilliant videos.

Here’s our suggestion for the five best wearable cameras:

SereneLife Clip-on Wearable Camera – $29.99

Wearable Cameras

This basic model is capable of taking full HD 1080p videos and is a 2-in-1 camera and camcorder that you control via your smartphone. It can take pictures and videos and is Wi-Fi enabled. You can playback any video taken onscreen and it is powered by a rechargeable battery. There’s a built-in microphone, wide angle lens, an attachment clip and UBB charging cable all included.  Great for beginners.

From: amazon.com

Mofily YoCam – $135.00

Wearable Cameras

This model is able to capture 2.7K and full HD 1080p videos alongside 8MP photos. You get features such as slow-motion, time lapse, burst and delayed shots as fun extras and it also includes video stabilization with an ultra-wide 140° wide angle lens. This model is waterproof to 30ft and can be used in many active sports as you can attach it virtually anywhere, on a bike, lapel, backpack and much more.  You can save any videos to a microSD card which is not included and the long design makes it perfect for group selfies.

From: bhphotovideo.com

TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera – $165.95

Wearable Cameras

The TomTom Bandit uses a built-in server which means you don’t have to download footage before editing and you can view it instantly. Using the companion app this camera can easily share and create footage simply by shaking a smartphone. It comes with built-in GPS sensors and in-camera motion that automatically finds and tags with relation to heart rate, speed, G-Force, altitude and acceleration. When editing you can shake the camera to make a better video and you can also overlay it with music before you share it with others.

From: amazon.com

GoPro HERO5 Black – $398.99

Wearable Cameras

This is the best GoPro camera ever, probably because of the 4K capability when videoing and it also includes voice control, a touch display and one-button for many functions. It is waterproof, has a stabilized video function with sharp images and crystal-clear audio. If you want to edit your footage it is automatically uploaded and you can create amazing videos by using Quik, GoPro’s brilliant editing app.

From: amazon.com

Garmin VIRB® Ultra 30 – $399.95

Wearable Cameras

Waterproof, voice control, crisp, sharp video upto 4K/30fps? This wearable camera is probably the best one to own if you want to shoot great video whilst you are engaging in risky sports. It has superb video stability thanks to the 3-axis image stabilization which means you can jump, snowboard, go off-road cycling and your images and videos will remain crystal clear and pin point sharp. It is also one of our lightest wearable cameras so you won’t even know it is there until you come to reveal the amazing footage.

From: buy.garmin.com

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