Five Best Swimming Goggles

With summer fast approaching and our thoughts naturally turning to holidays away and in this country, swimming is a past time and sport that is enjoyed by young and old. Gentle on the joints and ideal for those with a weight problem as it exercises all the muscles, we tend to spend all our money on bikinis and swimming trunks but spare little thought for goggles. Swimming goggles are of a great practical use, especially in chlorine filled pools for people who have sensitive eyes and can protect against the salty seas. They improve underwater vision, prevent eye infections and are really a must have for regular bathers and even toe dippers. We have selected the five best goggles on the market to ensure your swimming experience is a pleasant one.

The cheapest range are from Maru Impact costing a mere £10 and have a specially curved lense which provide an 180 degree panoramic vision They also have an anti fogging coating, UV lenses, a flexible soft frame and an adjustable double silicon back clip. Available from swimstop.co.uk.

Another cheap pair are Diana Comet at £11.99 and are a light weight polycarbonate anti-scratch lense, also with anti fogging coating. These performance race goggles include a soft silicon seal for non  leakage and have three adjustable nose setting for men and women. Available from proswimwear.co.uk. Buy online and get a 5% discount.

Mid range include the Speedo Amber Aquasphere Goggle costing £16. They have a hard-wearing frame for the most dedicated of swimmers, a soft seal which helps to prevent painful marks and an amber tinted lense to eliminate blue shades in the pool. They feature a Plexisol lens, are latex free and hypo-allergenic and have 100% UVA and UVB protection. Available from speedo.co.uk.

Also mid range are Aqua Sphere Vista Tinted Goggle, priced at £18.89 and available to buy from wiggle.com. These goggles have large crystal clear wrap-around UV lenses for better vision when swimming outdoors or in bright UV light. A quick fit buckle you can adjust whilst in the pool and a streamlined fit which ensures less drag whilst swimming.

The most expensive pair are the Zoggs Predator Flex Mirrored Goggle which will set you back a cool £22.99 but for that you get anti fog and anti glare lenses, a hypo-allergenic seal and a custom fitted nose bridge. Steam-lined with a super strength silicon quick adjustable strap, these are definitely for the athlete swimmers amongst us.

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