Five of the Best Snow Blowers for all conditions

Snow Blowers

In areas that get a lot of snowfall, a snow blower can be a real investment. There are however, tons of different snow blowers that have varying features and are best suited to certain conditions.

We have narrowed down the five best snow blowers for all conditions, so if you have a smaller property, you want a quiet motor, or you need a powerful engine that clears the deepest drifts, here’s our recommendations:


Toro Power Clear 721 E 21 in. 212cc Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower – $569.00

Snow Blowers

This is a single-stage snow blower which means it breaks up the snow, lifts it up and then throws it to one side, all in one easy movement. Single-stage snow blowers tend to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre than two or three stage ones. Lighter models like this Toro are best for low levels of snow, under 8” and for smaller properties, driveways or sidewalks. This one has a powerful motor, an electric start and folds up so it’s easy to store when not needed, however there’s no headlight and you can’t use it on gravel.

From: homedepot.com


Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE 24 in. 252cc Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower – $799.00

Snow Blowers

Another lightweight model here but with a very powerful motor that is smaller than other snow blowers but packs the same punch. Easy to handle and really fast at removing snow, and powerful enough to clear the deepest snow thanks to the Toro’s Personal Pace drive system. This is a mechanism that makes the wheels spin regardless of the depth of snow. A real workhorse and the best all-rounder.

From: homedepot.com


Cub Cadet 420cc OHV 3X30″ HD Snow Thrower – $1,599.00

Snow Blowers If you have a larger property and want an investment machine that will deliver time after time again, this is the beast to buy. It has a three-stage system that is efficient and powerful. The collection auger picks up the snow, an accelerator cuts it up and then it is funnelled through a chute that throws it out. There are also three bright headlights and it has six speeds to cover all types of snow and distances. It is very loud however.

From: farmandfleet.com


Craftsman 26in Two Stage Snow Blower – $899.99

Snow Blowers

No earplugs needed with this snow blower, it is really quiet and has some nice features including an electric start and power steering. You can use it on both gravel or paved driveways but there’s no headlight. It is a two-stage model that works in a variety of conditions.

From: acehardware.com


Troy-Bilt XP Storm 3090 XP 30-in Two-stage Gas Snow Blower Self-propelled – $Price varies

Snow Blowers

If you are faced with a blizzard outside you’ll want a decent machine that powers through snow and ice. This one clears deep drifts, long driveways and has a powerful motor. Nice details on this snow blower including heated hand grips and self-propellers that will just keep on going once you’ve set the speeds. Strong headlights and an electric start. This is one beast that will get you out in the deepest of snowfall.

From: lowes.com


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