Five Best Gifts for Computer Geeks

We all know one, it’s the person you never really have much to do with until your computer or laptop breaks down. Then you are soon on the blower to them, pleading for their superior technological knowledge, in the hopes that they won’t remember you’ve ignored them since the last time they repaired your machine. Well, as it is nearing Christmas and time for pay back, here’s your chance to get them something they have always wanted and will actually appreciate. Not the usual box of chocolates or hankies that shows not effort at all has been placed into buying the gift, something they’ll appreciate. Take a look at these special computer geek gifts, and whether they are for your resident nerd or a family member or friend, they will surely thank you for it!

Air Flo Cooling Mouse – $16

Yes, this Nyko mouse has a gentle cooling fan and special vents to literally air dry your hands as you work or play video games. This sleek, ergonomically designed optical mouse uses patented technology to gently push air through carefully positioned perforations that punctuate its oh-so-sexy rubberised shell. A small three-position switch toggles the fan between off, low and high settings. The tiny built-in fan creates a wonderfully cooling breeze that keeps palms cool, dry and dextrous. This whole effect is surprisingly calming and allows you to double your concentration throughout your gaming…sorry, working, day. As well its cooling qualities the silver and black Air Flo features an 850dpi optical sensor for highly accurate tracking, two buttons and a scroll wheel. Buy from www.amazon.com

Bytestor USB 2.0 Pen Drive 128MB – $16 – $66 new & used

It doesn’t look like much but it will be the world to your computer geek chum! This teeny tiny key drive can store 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, or even 1GB of files and MP3 songs. Yes, this little fellow is fully USB compatible, and is indeed 3mm thick! Wow.  Perfect for the user who regularly moves between work/home/ school computers, and needs to carry data. So, forget your floppies, CDs and Zip Drives to transfer data between computers; the new ByteStor Flash Pen Drive makes data transfer a breeze. USB 2.0 is up to 40x faster than USB1.1 (approx). The pen drive comes complete with free neck-strap and USB extension lead (which saves reaching for the USB sockets on the rear of your PC). Available from www.amazon.com

Roll-up Flexible Keyboard for Laptops – $30

Are your wrists tired of using a laptop keyboard? Fed up with lugging around an extra normal keyboard for your laptop? Our flexible keyboard gizmo is the answer. The Flexible Keyboard is water resistant and virtually indestructible. It’s keys are not tactile so very little pressure is needed to activate the keys which makes it a dream to type on. When you need to move on, simply roll it up for easy transportation and storage. Size 19.6 X .03 X 6.9 (same as a standard keyboard). Great for students who have to lug around heavy books. Buy from http://netforbeginners.about.com

J!nx Laptop Backpack – $79.95

This laptop backpack is amongst the highest quality you will ever find. Designed specifically for the modern urban environment, but reinforced with military-strength components, this J!nx backpack is perfect for laptop users. It comes with multiple waterproof pockets, organizer panel with lots of zippers and pockets + Mouse storage + Plug storage + Large center storage area – fits most keyboards + Integrated shoulder harness with Neoprene grab handle + Sternum strap + Heavy duty reinforcements + Fleece lined top drop-in MP3 player pocket with headphone exit port , padded soft spine, and amazing durability. Buy from

Xonix 256MB Memory Watch and MP3 Player – $128

This handsome watch has 256MB of memory and a USB Connectivity port built in. That means you can hook it up to your computer and download data files or MP3 and WMA files for music. It also has a built-in microphone so you can record voice memos. Of course, there s an earphone jack that delivers 3D stereo sound to the included earphones. Did we mention that it also displays accurate time on its stylish, black, analogue face? If you re looking for that unique gift for someone (or yourself), this Xonix wristwatch is hard to beat! Purchase from www.latestink.com

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