Five of the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Five of the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Morphy Richards

Apparently cords have been holding us back for years and we should all by now be using cordless vacuum cleaners. But which one is the best and what else do they offer in terms of cleaning?

We’ve put five of the best to the test and let’s just say, the carpet in the Shoppersbase office has never looked so clean!

Here’s our pick of the bunch:


DC44 Origin Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - £249.95

You don’t feature a vacuum without mentioning a Dyson cleaner. This one is Dyson’s most powerful yet, with engineers really going to town on the finer details. For instance, the centre of gravity is in the grip for easy manoeuvrability, it’s suitable for floor to ceiling cleaning and all types of floors at that. It includes Dyson’s cyclone technology which maintains suction throughout and there’s even a motorised floor tool with two brushes that are great for picking up those pesky pet hairs.

From: amazon.co.uk


Gtech AirRam - £199.99

Gtech were one of the first to introduce cordless vacuum cleaners and you cannot have failed to have seen their adverts on the TV. This cleaner works by using a powerful brush at the base which then sucks up dirt and hairs into small bales. This makes it easier to empty as you don’t have dust flying about everywhere. It’s lightweight so a cinch to carry and manoeuvrability is great as you can bend it under low surfaces. Has a 40 minute battery life which we think is all you need.

From: gtech.co.uk


Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £199.99

Voted the “Best Buy” for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners by Which? Magazine, back in February 2015, the Bosch cleaner employs a powerful suction thanks to its massive brush head. This means more of the surface is covered. Features special bristles which pick up the dirt and hairs and an easy to remove canister. There’s also an LED sensor to let you know when to clean the filter. The motor is nice and quiet too.

From: johnlewis.com


Morphy Richards 2-in-1 Supervac - £82

A lovely cheap little model here than doesn’t stretch the budget. A good buy if you are thinking about going cordless but want to test them out first. Smaller than the previous models, you get a 35 minute run on the battery, its lightweight and easy to use. Comes with a couple of extra tools, such as the crevice tool and upholstery nozzle with dusting brush. Not quite as powerful as the others though so best for light-duty cleaning.

From: amazon.co.uk


Vax U86-AL-BA Air Cordless Solo Vacuum Cleaner – was £129.99 now £99.99

Vax U86-AL-BA Air Cordless Solo Vacuum Cleaner – was £129.99 now £99.99

This is still a cordless vacuum cleaner but it works a little differently to our other models. So if you are feeling a little freaked out by the look or the shape of the majority of cordless products on offer, this one looks just like a normal cleaner. It is basically a cordless but you can detach the cylinder part and hold that around like a handheld model. It has two batteries which, when combined, give a total cleaning time of 50 minutes. Does a good job of cleaning but you might miss some edges.

From: argos.co.uk

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