Five Best Apps for your Photographs

It’s all very well having a great phone that takes amazing pictures but are you making the most of it? To make sure you are getting all you can from your smart phones and their cameras, check out our five best apps for snaps, listed below.

Instagram – Free

Instagram has been around for a long-time and is a favourite amongst photo app users. It has features that allow you to apply retro filters to your iPhone pictures to turn quick mobile shots into art. It is simple to use, makes sharing photos simple and fun, and, best of all, it’s free. Simply take a photo wherever you are, move and scale the image, add an effect with a touch of your finger, and then touch Done to share your photographic moment with the world.

Fx Photo Studio – $2.99

Fx Photo Studio is a wonderfully fun and powerful app that makes it easy to jazz up your photos and share them with friends. With 187 effects and filters to choose from, you can create almost any kind of shot you want. The most innovative new feature is the sharing of presets – the user gets a unique code for every preset created, which can then be emailed or shared from inside the app via Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or Facebook.

CrossProcess – $1.99

CrossProcess adds colour and character to your photos by emulating the look of Cross Processing film. CrossProcess turns your ordinary iPhone shots into beautiful, one of a kind images with unique colours and contrast. Based on looks from real film stock. Choose from red, green, blue and basic filters to emulate different film stock. Pick your favourite or use them all.

ShakeItPhoto – $0.59

ShakeItPhoto turns your phone into an old style Polaroid camera. Just point, shoot, and the photo appears to ‘print’ out the top of the screen. Then, as you would with a Polaroid print, you shake your camera to make the image appear faster in front of your eyes. It also puts a slight effect over the photo that makes it look quite authentic indeed.

Photogene – $0.99

Photogene is a unique application that allows you to get the most out of your photos, even if you are not a professional photographer. You can enhance photos with multiple colour adjustments, adjust colour levels, exposure, contrast, saturation or manipulate the RGB. Apply filters such as the sharpen or the pencil filter, crop, straighten and rotate your image and add fun effects like text balloons, frames or special filters.

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