Fitting Fitness Into Your Day

Exercise is an important part of life; of this everyone is sure. But with more and more focus on our careers coupled with an economic downturn requiring us to earn more money and stress about income more, it can seem impossible to fit any exercise in around work and family commitments. By scheduling creatively you can fit small workouts into your day and still get the workouts you need.

Many people complain that, when they get in from work, they have no energy to work out. Additionally, they have family commitments requiring them to cook food or spend time with their loved-ones. This is perhaps the most common complaint stopping people from exercising, but it is possible to work around it.

First of all, however, you must realise that exercise is not a one-way street; you don’t simply pour energy into it and get nothing in return. Instead, the more time you spend exercising and building lean muscle, the more efficient your body will get at extricating energy from your food and the more energetic you will become. This requires some patience, as you will start out feeling more tired, but if you stick with it you will see a significant return.

If you find it impossible to exercise during the evening, try getting up half an hour to an hour early. If you get your workout clothes ready and decide on your exercise routine the night before, you can roll out of bed, get dressed, and be into your workout before your brain has woken up enough to protest. Afterwards, you simply shower and get dressed for the day. The feeling of accomplishment you will feel from exercising will also help you to stick to any diet plans you’ve made during the day, which is a double bonus if you’re trying to eat more healthily.

Purchasing a membership to a gym near your office can be an amazing way to improve on your workout routine. You will be able to take your gym bag to work with you, and use your lunch break to head to the gym. Make sure you bring a towel, so you can shower after, too!

And finally, if you can walk or cycle into work you can make a huge difference to your own fitness levels simply by changing your commuting habits. It may seem impossible at first, but if you gradually build up your fitness levels you may soon find yourself getting all the exercise you need just before and just after work!

Exercising can be time-consuming and many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to find a few spare moments. But if you think creatively, you too could be enjoying a rigorous exercise routine as well as your normal life!

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