First Night at the Proms

Going to the prom at the end of the school year used to be an American tradition, but thanks to shows like Glee and films like High School Musical, prom night has now become ingrained into British culture. From expensive prom dresses, loaned out diamonds, rented limousines to even an entrance made in a helicopter, parents are pulling out all the stops to ensure their daughters have the night of their lives.  In fact, John Lewis has even opened a ‘prom department’ especially to cater for would be prom queens with dresses ranging from £60 to over £200. There is even a new television series called ‘Promzillas’, a word depicting young ladies who will do anything to win the coveted crown of Prom Queen and want the most expensive outfits, jewellery and modes of transport on their special night. So, if you are a parent of such a diva, what and where should you be looking if you want to support your girl to look her finest?

The Dress – probably the most important aspect of the night and there are lots of ways to get this right on the night. Many girls will plump for the High Street but to up the stakes, why not go onto ebay and look for a wedding dress or a even a designer dress. Prices are likely to be much lower and you can grab a real bargain. If the fit is not exactly right you can always get it tailored professionally and the good thing is, your daughter will be the only one in this outfit so she will not have that embarrassing moment of stepping out in the same dress as someone else, a real social faux paux you will want to avoid at all costs. Our tip is to go for a full on white dress or off white, pink or cream.

Jewellery – vintage jewels are all the rage right now and look to older jewellery shops for inspiration or even car boot sales. Think vintage bling and you cannot go too far wrong. Big, bold, sparkly pieces that add something to the overall outfit, crystal diamanté effects are good, or if your daughter is worth it you can even hire out real diamonds for the occasion. Check out rentyourrocks.com who, for a mere £150 will let you rent out this gorgeous fresh water pearl choker for a week.

Hair – many divas opt for hair extensions on the big night and one tip is to get them done a week or so before as extensions look their best after this period of settling down. It also gives you the chance to try styling them, get used to maintaining them and work out how you are going to wear them on the evening. If you are going to opt for extensions then maximise them to their full capacity and have them flowing and down on the night. Go for big hair, think Cheryl Cole on her first day as an American X Factor judge. Check out amazinglengths.co.uk who offer great deals on extensions in friendly surroundings.

Make-up – nothing subtle here, full on fake eye lashes, lots of mascara and heaps of lipstick. Many girls get professionally made-up for the night and as with hair extensions, your girl will want to try our many different looks for her big night so have several sessions with a make up artist to get the right look.

Transport – from hired Mercedes to a ride in a helicopter, your only limit is your imagination. Helicopterhire.net specifically organise prom night hire so all you need to do is tell them how many guests will be on board and where to pick you up from. Imagine your school friends faces when you touch down in the school playing field! Now that really would be a night to remember!

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