Michelle Obama’s £55 ASOS dress is back in stock due to popular demand

Michelle Obama's £55 ASOS dress is back in stock due to popular demand

It became the most shared image in history on social media; when Michelle Obama wore a simple red and white checked dress by online store ASOS, to congratulate her husband, Barack on winning a second term in office. And as with our very own Duchess of Cambridge, whose choice of clothing can spell a rush to the high street to snap up the same outfit, so the same thing happened with the First Lady.

The dress was an instant sell-out, and eager fashionistas, who had been watching Mrs Obama’s fashion choices with interest, were left disappointed. Now however, there is good news, as ASOS has restocked the cotton skater dress, and shoppers who were not able to grab one the first time around, can now get their hands on the very same one that the First Lady wore on that historic day.

The dress caused such a stir, not because of its style or fit, but simply because of the price and the availability of it. Costing a mere £55, it is not surprising that on the day Michelle Obama wore the red and white check dress, it sold out in minutes. And it has now become a firm favourite with the First Lady of Fashion, as she has since worn the dress on several other occasions.

She was first snapped wearing it at a cookout for National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty members and their families in New Hampshire last July. When she wore it on that occasion, she accessorised it with a red belt featuring a silver clasp that perfectly complimented her silver hoop earrings.

Then to the iconic picture of 2012, when she wore the dress as she and her husband celebrated his winning a second term in office. The picture of Michelle hugging her jubilant husband, was transmitted across the globe within minutes, and a fashion success story became a reality.

And if this free advertising and endorsement from the highest level was not enough for ASOS, the lucky company got an even extra boost, when Obama’s campaign team used the image that was taken as their unofficial campaign picture, when it was announced he had won another term as President, along with the caption ‘another four years’.

His online campaign manager told Time Magazine the picture was chosen because it summed up the ‘elation, relief and joy’ they were all feeling at that historic moment.


The picture was then retweeted 816,000 times on Twitter shared more than 4 million times on Facebook – breaking records for both social networks.

ASOS was founded in 2000, and stands for As Seen On Screen. It started out as a fashion brand that made replicas of celebrity clothes, and advertised them as ‘in the style of Britney/Madonna/Beyonce etc’. Nowadays, ASOS team up with fashion labels and create their own pieces, that many stars and celebrities love to wear. A real story of life imitating life!

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