Finding the Right Bra for You

Finding the right bra can be a hopeless proposition. A huge proportion of the female population wears bras that are improperly fitted, and even when you know what your size is, it can be difficult to find a bra that is both comfortable and stylish. Where can you find help sizing yourself up for a bra, and where will you be able to purchase a range of bras to suit any pocket, that will allow you comfort and style in your choice of brassieres?

An excellent place to get fitted for a bra is Evans. While the shop is geared towards larger ladies, their employees are trained to perform a top of the line fitting and will be able to tell you your precise size. Don’t be shy, but nip in and let them have a look at you. Unfortunately, Evans bras are off-size, and while the sizing you receive will be accurate you’ll often find that the bras you can purchase there won’t quite fit you right. It’s easy to assume that means the size is wrong, but if you find this is the case it’s actually best to walk away and try a bra in the size you were told at a different shop.

Online places such as Bravissimo do offer a wide range of bras, but unfortunately your inability to try the bras on before you buy makes this a poor idea. Bras are made for certain body types and no one can predict how your breasts will look and feel in a certain style. Check that there is an iron-clad returns policy before purchasing, and try to find a shop where you will be able to try before you buy as it will reduce the aggravation associated with finding a bra that doesn’t work for you.

Marks & Spencer are, surprisingly enough, the perfect place for bras of any size. Fittings are available, but if your boobs are extremely large or extremely small they are not always able to tell you the right size. That said, if you know your size they will carry it, and you’ll be able to purchase a wide range of different styles and types of bras. The pricing is more than reasonable, and you often find deals on bras which allow you to make further savings.

Wearing a poorly fitted bra can really ruin your day as it can cause pain, poor posture, and discomfort. By ensuring you know your correct size and buying bras in the right place, you can make sure your days aren’t hampered by the frustration of wearing an ill-fitting bra and enjoy life to the full!

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