Finding the Best Nursing Pads for You

When your baby is born, the last thing you’ll worry about for a few days is what you look like. But as your milk begins to come in, you’ll start feeling well enough to receive visitors and maybe leave the house, and suddenly the need for nursing pads will become blatantly evident to you as you soak through your bra and top in no time whenever a child – any child! – cries near you. Research them now and find yourself prepared when the issue occurs.

Disposable nursing pads may seem like a great idea in terms of convenience. You simply slip them into your bra and when you’re done with them you throw them out. They tend to be very absorbent and due to their size you can easily fold them up and fit them into the smallest space in your bag. What’s more; they don’t cost a great deal. But they are not the most environmentally friendly option available, and this can weigh heavily on your conscience.

The material making them so absorbent, like the material in disposable nappies, can take a very long time to bio-degrade and adds directly to the landfill. You may also prefer not to purchase more constantly rather than re-using a pre-bought pair. However, even if you decide not to use disposables on a regular basis you may find it does you good to keep some on hand in case of an emergency.

Often, these will be sent to you for free in your Bounty packs, so even if you intend to use reusable pads, keep them aside and carry them around in your nappy bag. They may come in handy, at the end of the day! Do remember, if you use these, that you’ll want to change them every time you nurse your baby to avoid bacterial growth.

Reusable nursing pads can be made or bought. Many people are intimidated by the idea because they believe that reusable nursing pads have to be hand-sewn by themselves. This is not at all true, and in fact reusable nursing pads can be purchased along with a small laundry bag allowing you to wash them easily without losing them in the dryer. These will take up a bit more space, but provided you reserve a nappy bag or other container to keep them in when you need to swap them out away from home they are in fact very doable.

You can, of course, sew your own if you would prefer to. Remember to use an absorbent, breathable fabric and try to ensure you won’t be able to see the pads through a bra and t-shirt – while it’s tempting to make them personalised and patterned, this is probably not the best time to bring out your creative side; save it for burp cloths and bibs! However, as you’ll simply need to sew quilted rounds, it shouldn’t take very long to do even if you’re sewing by hand rather than by machine.

Nursing pads are invaluable parts of a new mother’s arsenal. Don’t overlook this part of your necessary supplies; if you make up your mind now, you’ll be able to stock up appropriately and enjoy your new baby in the comfortable knowledge that you won’t be leaking through your top at any time! Good luck, and congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!

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