Finding a Good Wig Shampoo

I’ve been tasked with an assignment from a good friend and while I was searching for the product for her, I thought I’d share the results with our readers on Shoppersbase. My friend asked me to find her a good shampoo for wigs. Not a problem I thought as I begin perusing the internet. She did not have a computer and relied on supplies from a TV advert which were very expensive.

As soon as I began my search I realised that wig shampoo was not such an easily sourced product and could see why she had to resort to buying hers from the television. Also these products have to cater for different kinds of wigs, some treat hair extensions as well and as I looked further into products for wigs, I realised that a lot of people who wear them, use their own concoctions, rather than a specialised product.

There are people who swear by Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, others that only condition with fabric softener, some that have used fabric softener and it ruined their wigs; lots of conflicting advice out there. So it was very important for me to only recommend actual wig products and not go down the ‘Do It Yourself; route. If you have tried something for your wig and it has worked you are welcome to comment on this article. But this is really just recommending specialised wig shampoos and conditioners and letting you know where to find them, at affordable prices. Here we go:

Dimples Wig Hair Care – £6.26 200ml

This shampoo has been created to offer frequent but gentle washing to your hairpiece. The special formulation brings suppleness and volume to the fibre, leaving it thoroughly clean, shining and gently fragrance. Recommended as the best brand product on fibre wigs.

American Dream Hair Extensions and Wigs Shampoo – £4.99 250ml

Manhattan Shampoo is a mild cleanser designed to care for extensions and wigs. Its low PH formulation makes it an ideal frequent use shampoo even for natural hair, so you don’t have to use a different shampoo for your roots if you have weave or braids. Rich in moisture, Low PH (kind to your hair and skin).

Synovation Shampoo – £6.75 250ml

The new Synovation Shampoo gently cleanses wigs and hairpieces to nurture and refresh. The Synovation shampoo replaces the Natural Image Shampoo from 2012. Currently reduced with 20p off RRP. Other products in range available such as Stay in Conditioner, Revitalizer and Fibre Oil.

Ellen Wille Wig Shampoo – £7.14

Ellen Wille – shampoo was especially designed to clean wigs and hairpieces. It will cleanse your second hair thoroughly and gently without damaging the fibre. Dirt will loosen by itself. Conditioner also available in this range.

Wig Control Shampoo – £1.99 12oz

Wig Control Shampoo is a gentle shampoo made for synthetic and natural wigs,weaves and hairpieces. The shampoo removes excess oils and dirt as it delivers superb softness,beautiful sheen and revitalize the natural look of all wigs.

Fantasia IC Wig Cleaner & Conditioner – £2.99 12oz

Wig Cleaner and Conditioner by IC Fantasia. Concentrate for all types of human and synthetic hairpieces, prolongs the life of wigs and hairpieces. Wig Cleaner and Conditioner by IC Fantasia gently refreshes and cleanses all types of synthetic fibres to leave your wig or hair piece feeling revitalised and thoroughly cleansed.

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