Finding Cheaper Furniture

Whether you’re buying a new home or doing up an old one, furniture can be quite an expensive proposition. So if you need to get new furniture but don’t have the largest wallet, read through and find new ways of finding inexpensive furniture.

A good question to ask yourself is whether you want new or second-hand furniture. The latter can mean you won’t have as much of a choice as you’ll need to go for what’s there, but can cut a huge chunk off of your required budget. Charity shops can offer you a large amount of furniture that has been used before, and a bit of sandpaper and a coat of lacquer or paint can make some of these items look like new again. But did you know of the charity Emmaus? Rather than pay for the homeless and destitute to live their lives, it attempts to help them rebuild a situation wherein they can become independent. They take in unwanted furniture and the people in question learn the skills to restore the furniture to its former state. Not only will you be helping people in need regain the ability to live independent lives, you will also receive furniture that is in an excellent state.

If you do buy furniture new, try and wait for a bank holiday weekend when you can take advantage of the savings involved. This will allow you to shave precious money off of your budget again, allowing you to either save money or buy more furniture for the price. Remember that you can sometimes negotiate some money off if you are buying a large amount at the same time, too; while it is not always done, haggling can get you somewhere.

As for your old furniture, of course donating it to a charity is a good idea. Emmaus, as you know, will make good use of it but a conventional charity shop has a use for it too. However, if your furniture is in good shape and you hope to make some money off of it, you can always put it on Craigslist or Gumtree and see if anyone wants to buy it from you. Don’t price it ridiculously highly; you’ll need to understand there’s no way you’ll get the amount of money you originally spent on it, even if you hardly used it. But this could certainly allow you to add some valuable pennies onto your new furniture budget.

Furniture can be an expensive purchase, and if you need a sizeable quantity of new furniture it’s a great idea to spend some time looking for the best price possible. With these handy tips you can outfit your home for a reasonable price. Happy shopping!

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