Finding a Reliable Tradesperson

Your bathroom tap is leaking, or perhaps there’s a fault with the electrics powering your living room light. You need a plasterer, a decorator… A tradesperson of any sort. But how do you go about finding a reliable one without relying solely on friends’ recommendations, which can after all be heavily influenced by their friendships with the tradesmen and -women in question?

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Recommendations are of course the basis of our trust in tradespeople we have not previously done business with, but certification should be a heavily relied-on element as well. This is especially important when you’re hiring an electrician or a person who will be fiddling with your gas supply. As electric faults and gas leaks can easily be fatal, you should never allow anyone to make any changes to either system in your home unless they are willing to show you their certification.

Googling the name of your chosen tradesperson is a good way to start looking for anything that might be rotten in Denmark. Don’t stop at the first few links; read the first five or six pages at least. Skimming is fine, but if you see anything negative look deeper. If you get a lot of different or irrelevant results, Google for their name as well as a word relevant to their trade, such as “plaster,” “gas,” and so on.

Websites such as myHammer.co.uk can be very helpful in finding useful tradespeople, as you can see reviews by previous clients and check whether they are reliable and trustworthy. Stay away from people with few reviews or, of course, negative ones.

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When your tradesperson comes to work in your home, expect to talk through what needs to be done to some level of detail. You’ll need to be sure they are aware of what you need precisely. Don’t forget to be assertive – they are working for you and while they should be treated with respect, you also need to know they’re going to do the job you’re paying them for. Don’t let yourself be ignored, and if something isn’t going as you specified have a discussion as to why this is the case. It’s possible that there is a valid reason, so don’t go on the offensive, but hear them out and find out why this is being done.

If you go about it carefully and in a well-informed manner, finding the right tradesperson needn’t be an issue at all. Good luck and enjoy the changes they bring to your home!

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