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If you own an iPad or a smart phone, chances are you probably do not buy a daily newspaper any more as news apps are fast becoming the most popular download apps in the market. Literally, with a few single taps on your keyboard, you can have the whole world’s breaking stories at your fingertips. And you don’t have to be a well read journalist to appreciate what these new apps can bring to the table. You can sign up to your favourite daily newspaper, magazine or simply watch clips of what is happening around the world or even in your local area. News apps tend to be split into two types; those that amass RSS feeds or Twitter streams so that you can read the news from various multiple sources, and those that take all their news from a single source such as The Guardian or the BBC. In this article we are concentrating on single source apps.

The Guardian – £3.99 for 6 months

Open the app and you get the day’s top news stories with pictures and headlines. Go on one page and you get the main body of the top story. Sections are colour-coded in the same way they are on guardian.co.uk. If you scroll down the front page you’ll see a gallery of multimedia content, from which you can watch videos, look at photographs or listen to audio content. A great news app.

The Economist – Free for subscribers, £3.49 per issue

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. The Economist app gives you a selection of articles from the highly popular weekly magazine for free and is updated each Thursday at 9pm. Subscribers to the print title or website get the whole magazine free. For everyone else, it costs £3.49 per issue, which you can get on a one-off basis as an in-app purchase.

BBC News – Free

Get all the news live on your iPhone, 24 hours a day. Stay up to speed with events as they play out around the world — current affairs, business, politics, science, technology and more. Plus, for a bit extra, you can watch it all from outside the UK.

The Telegraph for iPad – Free

Works with iPad (Telegraph for iPhone also available) The Telegraph’s iPad version, which publishes a digest of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph,actually looks like a real newspaper. You get six story categories which are presented in a menu bar along the top of the screen. Then, a drawer-type menu allows other story excerpts to slide in from the left, which is cool.

New York Times – Free

The improved NYTimes app for iPhone has more content; with blogs, videos and slide shows. Get free access to the Top News section or full access to over 25 sections with a Times Digital subscription. Enjoy world-class multimedia with video and slide shows located within articles and in the Video and Photos sections. Save articles and bookmark frequently visited sections and blogs. Share articles, photos and videos through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. And, get breaking news alerts to be the first to read about events as soon as they occur.

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