Festival knickers

Knickers you can change without taking any of your clothes off? Why would you even want or need a pair?

Well the inventor of the new range of underwear certainly believes there’s a need for them.  With festival season about to kick off and travellers getting ready to embark on their summer adventures, a new range of knickers has launched in the UK for busy girls who want a quick change.  Unlike normal underwear for women, which mean you have to struggle to remove all your lower items of clothing to change, Pop&Go Knickers have been designed to be easily removed and replaced just by unfastening the clips at the front.

Inventor Aurora Tyas believes they will be perfect for women travelling, going to festivals, on long-haul flights, or even just after a long day in the office.  Aurora was travelling on a night bus in Peru and as she looked down at the filthy floor of the toilet cubile, she shuddered at the thought of how she was going to change. The dirt, the filth and the unsanitary conditions were all totally unconducive to dropping anything on the floor, let along trying to change as the vehicle swayed from side-to-side.

So, on returning home, Aurora got down to business designing Pop&Go Knickers says their first outing, at a recent outdoor adventure show, showed her that her invention was absolutely needed.

While planning the adventure of a lifetime – trekking to Machu Picchu, travelling across Russia on the Trans Siberian Express, even negotiating the District Line on a hot day in the summer – you need never worry again about not feeling fresh and clean at your destination. Aurora has her own take on why this invention is going to be such a hit. “I’ve timed it” she says “and balancing on your own shoes as you try to hold your trousers in one hand and change your underwear with the other takes nearly two minutes in a stable environment. Add in a dirty toilet floor, trying to keep your possessions safe and possibly a moving vehicle, you’re going to end up sweatier and more stressed than when you started. With Pop&Go Knickers you can complete the whole procedure in 40 seconds while standing up, or about 59 if sitting on a seat (and being discrete). And you don’t come out of it feeling filthier than when you started.”

Pop&Go Knickers are made from high quality cotton that is breathable, hygienic and long-lasting. These are not disposable knickers – they come with their own pouch that means you can keep a clean pair in your bag and once you’ve changed, can store the dirty pair in there too. In two styles – a thong and a brief – and in sizes 8-16 – Pop&Go Knickers give you all the benefits of clean underwear with none of the discomfort associated with paper pants. They have been designed specifically with hygiene and comfort in mind as well as ease of use. Pop&Go Knickers recently commissioned a survey which showed that women have been crying out for help in the underwear department. Key findings showed: 35% of the women said that they change their knickers more than once a day and 67% of women who regularly travel or exercise said they wish they could change their knickers more quickly and easily.

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