Festival Apps – Our favourite apps for festival goers

It’s always exciting when California’s famous Coachella music festival takes place – because then we know festival season on both sides of the Pond is truly under way.

And, there’s a lot that can go right at the festival of your choosing – like securing the perfect spot to watch your favourite band, managing to find a clean toilet when you have a call of nature and finding your tent among a sea of other canvases after a late night.

But, there’s always a lot that can go wrong too – losing your friends, not being able to pack everything you want to and not having dressed for the weather.

As they say though, there’s an app for everything. Here are our favourites Festival Apps for solving all those little, and large, festival problems and dilemmas.

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage Camera - Festival Apps

We have to admit we love the atmospheric shots and videos taken during Woodstock in 1969 and amongst all the Festival apps, this app is perfect for creating your very own Sixties or Seventies vibe in your own movies before uploading them to your social networks.

By mixing and matching films and lenses you can recreate the atmosphere of those bygone eras with timeless retro looks including retro colours, light leaks and frame jitters, all instantly added with the tap or swipe of a finger.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends app

Truly indispensable when you consider that Glastonbury Festival is attended by some 150,000 people and around a million people attend Summerfest in America, Find My Friends pretty much does what it says on the tin.

If you’ve split up to watch different bands then this app can make sure you all meet up again for post-gig drinks. Simply install the free app, sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud and then send friend requests. Once your friends accept you can see their location and they can see yours.

Festival Ready apps

festival ready app

Designed especially for the festival market, this app is to festival goers what the Swiss Army knife is to, well the Swiss Army. Created by Victorinox, the originators of that most flexible of pocket tools, it has just about everything you could need in one handy app.

There’s a GPS system for tracking down your mates, a torch for finding your way at night and waving when your favourite tunes are played, live weather, a camping check list and a handy list of festival tips.

Deezer featival apps

Deezer app

If you’ve just been to see an artist whose set you’ve loved then Deezer allows you to carry on the mood back at your tent. With artist-based and themed radio channels you can listen to your favourite musicians to your heart’s content.

And if, at your festival, you’ve discovered an act you hadn’t listened to before and want to hear more of the same type of music, you can browse editorial picks and personal recommendations tailored for you.

Virtual lighter

Virtual lighter app

No more burnt fingers, you can just wave your Virtual Lighter when one of the slower numbers is being played. There are even sound effects to make it sound like real fire and it is sensitive to the way you move your smartphone around.


Bump app

If you don’t want to lose touch with all those new friends you’ve made at the festival or you’ve taken pictures that include another group of festival goers, then Bump app is perfect for sharing information easily. You just open Bump, hold your phones and gently bump your hands together, letting Bump magically do the rest.

Whichever Festival apps you choose, they should make your festival experience easier and more enjoyable than ever – although we’re just waiting for the app that controls the weather.

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