Female Action Figures with Realistic Body Shapes Huge Hit on Kickstarter

It’s a far cry from the typical dolls such as Barbie and Sindy that were so popular with girls, and featured bodies with tiny nipped in waists and enormous chests. And with some experts on body image stating that these unrealistic body shapes were sending a negative message to girls, one pair of female entrepreneurs decided it was time to spring into action.

Typical Action Figures for Girls

Typical Action Figures for Girls

IAmElemental are a new set of action figures for girls, but with one huge difference, they are realistically based on what women actually look like. They all have smaller breasts and wider waists and their names are based on non-violent attributes such as ‘energy’, ‘bravery’, ‘honesty’, ‘industry’, ‘enthusiasm’, ‘persistence’, and ‘fear’.

IAMElemental Figures

IAMElemental Figures

The action figures are the brainchild of two New York City moms and friends – Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau, who, between them, discovered that your average female action toy was a little too much Lara Croft, all boobs and no substance. The pair thought that the toys available to little girls instead looked more like they were created for the adult male market. They didn’t think this was right and so they: “… set out to design a series of figures with healthier breast, waist and hip ratios; fierce, strong females worthy of an active, save-the-world storyline that fosters creativity in kids.”


The set of action hero dolls are based loosely on the Periodic Table, and this has been converted into The Elements of Power Table. The first power series is Courage but the difference with the IAmElemental action figures is that these powers will come from within, and not as with many male dominated superheroes, from outside. Think of Spiderman, bitten by a radioactive spider, or the X-Men and their radioactive DNA. In the IAmElemental world, the girl has to find her own strength and power from within herself, and she learns that all she ever needed was already there.

The IAMElemental action figures were placed on the crowd funding site Kickstarter and started off with a goal of raising $35,000, however, the pair have smashed this and with 18 days still to go have managed to secure pledges of $107,572.

The pair hopes to launch a complimentary comic book/graphic novel alongside the action figures in the near future, but at present, they are concentrating all their efforts on the production of the dolls.

There’s no word as to how much the dolls will retail for, but there is international shipping available. For more information, visit IAMElemental.com

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