10 of the Best Packs of Felt Tip Pens for School

With school just around the corner, parents are scrambling to pack their children’s pencil cases with everything they need. This includes felt tip pens. Whether you are on a budget or you have cash to splash, we have ten of the best packs of felt tip pens to suit everyone.

Thick and Thin Fibre Felt Tip Pens (8): £1.00

Felt Tip PensThis pack is just a pound and great value if you just want a few basic colours to add to your child’s stationary. The ink also washes out.

Ikea MÅLA Felt-tip Pens (12): £2

Felt Tip PensGreat value for this pack of 12 felt tip pens from Ikea. Non-toxic and washable and you can leave the cap off for 3 days without drying out.

STABILO Felt Tip Pen Power Wallet (30): £8.44

Felt Tip Pens

You have practically every colour you need in this pack of felt tip pens. What we love, however, is the fact you can leave the caps on for up to 8 weeks without the ink drying out.

Colourworld Felt Tip Pens Assorted (144): £16.99

Felt Tip Pens

This is great value as you get all the basic colours you need, and if you buy two packs the price reduces by £2.

Crayola SuperTips Washable Felt Tip Colouring Pens (24): £3.50

Felt Tip Pens

Great range of colours in this pack of felt tip pens including tan, lilac and peach. The special tip allows for thick or thin drawing and we love the vibrant ink colours.

Colourful Creatures Felt Tip Stamp Pens (18): £5.95

Felt Tip PensAll the rainbow colours feature in this set and each pen has a stamp on the other side. The pack comes in a handy carry case. Great for younger children.

Bullet Journal Dual Tip Color Drawing Pens (24): £8.99

Felt Tip Pens

You get the most used colours in this pack and a fine tip and a brush tip for different strokes. No bleeding as the ink dries really quickly.

Sanford Colour Fine Markers Washable Ink (12): £5.27

Felt Tip PensWe like the colours in this pack of felt tips and the fact that you can use them on fabric. The caps can be left off for up to 14 days without drying out too.

Berol Felt Tip Colouring Pens, Broad Tip (42): £11.50

Felt Tip PensWe like this handy tub full of broad-tipped felt tip pens which we think would be ideal for younger children to have at home. You can also leave the caps off for up to 2 weeks.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Assorted Permanent Markers (12): £7.41

Felt Tip Pens

Everyone’s favourite Sharpie has this basic pack for under a tenner and features thin tips which are ideal for drawing. The best thing about these pens is that you can write on almost any surface.


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