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Healing herbs and edible flowers

Herbs have been used for many years in their natural form to ward off ailments and illnesses, prevent colds and flu and soothe rashes and grazes. These days we tend not to utilise them in their natural state, as manufacturers have done the hard work for us and conjured up products to suit our every need. It is interesting however, to know a little about the origins of herbs and how they work to provide us with the health giving benefits we take for granted today. Take a look at the list below and see why our ancestors were a step ahead of us when it comes to using plants as effective skin products.

Thyme is a natural stimulant and has been known to boost circulation making it very beneficial for people with bad circulation problems. It also has anti cellulite properties and can help to purify the skin so is good for those with skin complaints such as acne. Try the Bodyshop’s Earth Lovers Lemon & Thyme Shower Gel, £5 for a refreshing way to start off your day.

Mint can help to cool hot and sore skin as it contains menthol and peppermint and it also has analgesic properties with can help with aching muscles. For a soothing foot cream try out Ciate Girls Night In Cocoa Butter & Peppermint Foot Rub for £14.

Rosemary has long been associated with hair and is known to stimulate the scalp, providing increased circulation in the areas around the hair follicles. It also feeds the roots of the hair and hydrates the lengths. To give your hair a treat, check out Weleda’s Rosemary Hair Lotion at £8.95 per bottle.

Lavender is known for relaxing the nerves and its calming qualities. It can be very beneficial for those with damaged skin and can promote healthy nail growth. For a cream that instantly revitalises your skin, try Tisserand’s Lavender Nourishing Nail & Hand Cream for £6.95.

Basil can help you fight the signs of tiredness as its pungent aroma aids concentration. Also well-known to control acne and keep your skin moisturised. For silky smooth skin, help yourself to Basil Lemon Fresh Tones Body Milk by Korres from only £3.

Sage was used primarily in the past to clean teeth as it has antiseptic qualities. It is also great for the digestion and can be used to kick-start a sluggish digestion and help with those whose appetite is poorly or failing. For a kick-start to the day start off with Dr Hauschka’s Sage Bath for £17.95.

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