Fed Up with Turkey at Christmas? Try these Rare Meats!

When I ask my family what they want to eat at Christmas, the answer is always “Anything but turkey!” I don’t understand it! It is Christmas Day, we only have turkey once a year and yet they are fed up with it already! If you get what they are about then perhaps this article is for you. If you feel that Christmas is the time for trying out something different then why to have a go at a rare meat, I mean, if you are going to forgo the turkey it has to be something really special and not just an old beef of lamb joint surely? With my family’s best interests, and our readers at heart, we have sourced some of the tastiest and rarest meats on the market today. See what you think and whether you’d swap your turkey dinner for one of our suggestions.

Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak – £35.50

These are high marble-scoring 8+ Wagyu Sirloin Steaks. The scoring denotes the amount of fat had has developed in the muscle tissue. It is this fat which gives an even more succulent and tender cut of meat. These exceptional high marble score steaks are restaurant quality. Wagyu Beef is the meat from a truly extraordinary breed of cattle, bred from the original Kobe of Japan. The meat is heavily marbled with fat which gives it deep succulent flavours and a buttery texture. This is the most exclusive beef in the world. Please note that this item is vacuum sealed and frozen, some defrosting may occur in transit.

Pyrenees Milk Fed Lambs (Hind Legs) – £75

Pyrenees Milk Fed Lambs sourced by and exclusive to London Fine Foods are reared by small artisan Pyrenees farmers. Difficult to obtain outside gourmet catering circles, this lamb is used in the best UK restaurants. This whole lamb is truly amazing and if you have never tried it, then this is your chance. The ewes give birth to the lambs in the mountains and they suckle only on their mother’s milk for up to 42 days: “eleve sous la mere”. The conditions in which the lambs are reared means they are free from antibiotics and hormones. The flavour and texture of milk-fed lamb when served in many ways, grilled (such as the tiny lamb chops known as chuletillas in Spain) or roasted is generally thought to be, without doubt, the best lamb that money can buy. Our exclusive milk-fed lamb is meat from an unweaned lamb, typically 4 to 6 weeks old weighing between 7 to 9 kg.

Wild Boar Haunch – £69.80 (4kg approx)

If you really want to eat something completely different to your normal pork roast dinner then try this wild boar. The prime wild Australian boar haunch, for a juicy roast that will delight your tastebuds and your friends. Australian wild boar have a completely different diet to their European counterparts giving them a lighter textured meat, with a delicious sweet note. A ‘bone-in’ joint adds succulence to roasted meats. Cook it exactly the same way as you would a typical pork roast and use the same accompaniments and trimmings. A delicious alternative to Christmas dinner.

Squab Pigeon – £12.49

If you live in London you may not want to try this but for your information, a young pigeon bred for consumption is called a Squab. In recent years, Pigeon as a dish has become increasingly popular in leading London restaurants. One squab is sufficient for a single serving; however, if stuffed it can serve two. Pigeon can be cooked and served in many ways. Your favourite chicken, duck or quail recipes can be adapted to cooking pigeon. However, pigeon flesh is delicate and should not be subjected to intense heat because it tends to lose its flavour. Comes as a single whole bird of 450g – 550g.

Crocodile Tail Fillet – £39.95

If you are one of those types of people who love watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here for the disgusting things the participants have to eat, then perhaps you will like to try these crocodile steaks? Thing is, if cooked correctly, crocodile meat is a delicious combination of tastes: shellfish and chicken. The meat is white and the flavour is rich and succulent. Crocodile meat is lower in fat and calories than chicken. The tail fillet is considered by many to be the best cut, and these prime-quality crocodile tail fillets are sure to impress.

All these products can be purchased at www.efoodies.co.uk

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