Fearne Cotton Kid’s Collection now available in Boots Mini Club

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is better known for her impeccable musical tastes and her quirky fashion sense, but since she has become a mum herself she has decided that kid’s clothes are where she should focus.

The popular TV and radio presenter already had a very successful collection with Very.co.uk, so it seemed to be a natural progression for her to then turn her hand to children’s clothes.

Fearne Cotton

In collaboration with Boots Mini Club, a place where you can buy all sorts of affordable and stylish clothes for children aged 0 to 6 years, Fearne has now put her own fashion sense to the test and designed a collection of clothes especially for kids.

“I’ve always loved fashion and had an adult range before where I really enjoyed the design process. Then when I became a mum it was on my radar of something I wanted to do but it was working out how and the best people to do it with.”Fearne Cotton

In a press release for the collection, Fearne said that she felt it was important to have several gender-neutral items in the range, so that the clothes would be suitable for a wider range of children.

“I wanted something quite unisex – the yellow features throughout but with little bits of blue for the girls and khaki for the boys. It means you can mix and match and having a son and daughter it’s good to pass clothes down to get longevity from the items.”

The Fearne by Fearne Cotton collection includes clothes that are in unisex colours so you won’t see typical pretty pinks for girls or navy blue for boys.

Have a look at the items that caught our eye featured below. We think they will certainly become most-wanted best-sellers; they include a glamourous faux fur jacket, quirky bird dress, snuggly parkas and loads of mix and match items.

Fearne Cotton

From L-R. Faux Fur Coat: £30, Bird Dress: £15, Parka: £28, Slogan Tee: £8

When designing the collection Fearne had a few ideas in mind which came from her own experience from being a mum:

“Before you’re a mum you think I’m going to dress my kids in all these fancy outfits, but firstly the kids have more of a say in what they are going to wear than I do! My main focus was for cool, fun but easy to wear clothes.”

Fearne Cotton

It was this hands on experience that led her to design a comfortable, fun and easy-to-wear collection:

“I wanted to keep the range really simple; for me, kids’ clothes are all about fun, comfort and just allowing them to express what they are about and how they feel. Fabrics that feel nice on their skin, loose and light with easy-to-wear harem pants for girls, really cool soft joggers for boys and cosy sweaters. If I had to choose five words to describe the collection they would be, fun, cool, happy, comfy and awesome!”

Fearne naturally feels passionate about her new collection, and said she would not get involved in anything unless she had maximum input. She even admitted to some input from her own two children Rex (4 years old) and Honey (one year).

“Meetings were sometimes held at my house and the kids were present, they thought it was hilarious and I certainly had them in mind during the design process more on a practical level – I didn’t want fiddly clothes or something that was annoying or a hassle to put on.”

Fearne by Fearne Cotton is available now at Boots Mini Club, prices start from £7.00 and go up to £30.

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