Faulty Bosch Dishwasher Recall with half faulty appliances in homes

You should have seen reports in last weeks news, regarding the faulty Bosch dishwashers, in which 269 of them caught fire, with 14 of the fires reported as serious. On 16 March, Chris Choi from ITV News gave his report that despite the efforts of Bosch to recall the dishwashers, out of the 632,000 branded as faulty, they have only have managed to find and repair 152,957. This leaves 479,000 potentially dangerous Bosch Dishwashers still in people’s homes.

faulty Bosch dishwasher after fire damage

These faulty bosch dishwashers are estimated to be between 8 and 13 years old, and it is thought that many could have been scrapped. However, Bosch have not provided figures of their estimations as to how many this number could be.

Therefore, in theory, we could still be left with 479,043 potentially dangerous dishwashers.

Bosch say that the fires are caused by fluctuations in the power supply coming through the national grid. It said that because of this, a solder connection in the control panel may fail over a period of time.

faulty dishwashers with fire coming out from the door handle

The problem with trying to trace owners of these appliances is that unlike the DVLA, who have a database of car owners, so if there is a fault with a car manufacturer, the owners are relatively easier to find, for electrical devices, there is no database.

The firm’s operations director, Joe O’Sullivan, said the company would back a new registration system for appliance purchases to help with safety recalls. “Any move to improve registration of appliances to make them easier to trace, we would support,” he said.

He insisted the risk of a fire is ‘very low’ but rejected suggestions that people should not use the machines if they are out of the room. “We have carried out a risk assessment; we don’t think it’s necessary,” he said.

RecallUk state that they have received around 30,000 calls regarding the dishwashers in a 12 hour period. And say that using this as a benchmark, is it possible that some owners could now realise that they own one of the faulty appliances.

faulty dishwashers in the aftermath of fire damage.

The Bosch dishwashers affected were manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 for models purchased and used in the UK. The affected dishwashers are in the batch number range from FD 7901 to FD 8504. Any dishwasher outside this batch number range is not affected. You can check the actual dishwasher numbers by visiting itv.com/news and searching for ‘faulty dishwashers’ and reading ‘Do I own a potentially dangerous Bosch Dishwasher?’

Bosch have posted a safety recall statement on their website, and are voluntarily trying to contact and reach all customers who might own one of the appliances. The firm have so far placed adverts, sent 850,000 letters and phoned 140,000 customers. They will come to your house and repair faulty washers for free, which takes about an hour.

They will soon be launching another safety campaign, in order to try and find the remaining dishwashers, but they have only so far found around 24% of the affected units, and this marginally up 1.3% on the figure for September 2012.

Andy Reynolds of the Chief Fire Officers Association told ITV News: “Probably the majority of house fires we go to where there is a fire caused by an electrical appliance, people are blissfully unaware there is a product recall in place for those items. And in the vast majority of cases they wont know where to look for it, its just not widely publicised enough.”

Whilst Joe O’Sullivan Bosch Operations Director, said: “Any move to improve registration of appliances to make them easier to trace, we would support. We have sold something like 10 million dishwashers since 1999. People should go to our website if they are concerned.”

Dishwasher back panel back panel to see if your batch number lies between FD 7901 to FD 8504

If you think you might have one of the faulty appliances, check the back panel to see if your batch number lies between FD 7901 to FD 8504, if it does, visit www.repairaction.co.uk and enter the model number together with your batch number, to see if you are affected. Alternatively you can call the help line on 0800 023 4881.

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